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Jaybird Freedom In-Ear Headphones Review

Some time ago I was busy with the Jaybird X3, which I was allowed to test. These are good mid-range in-ear headphones that can’t be fooled. But you can still put a scoop on it. In this case the manufacturer Jaybird offers the model Freedom. Just like the X3, these are wireless sports headphones that can be paired with other devices via Bluetooth. In this article I would like to deal with the similarities and differences between the two models.

Packaging and Contents

The packaging of the Jaybird Freedom corresponds stylistically to that of the X3. There is a flap with magnets, which provide a view of the contents from the outside. The headphones are presented almost identically, you know immediately that they are a Jaybird product.

In terms of content, there are also no major deviations from the X3. The only thing that strikes me positively is that the Freedom Model comes with four instead of three ear fin sets. The gradations seem milder and I quickly found the right size for me. In addition, a slightly different charging clip is supplied, which accommodates four of the eight hours of battery life promised.

  • silicone ear cushions in three sizes
  • Secure-Fit ear inserts / ear fins in four sizes
  • Earmolds in three sizes (sweat resistant, for sports)
  • USB charging cable
  • Cable management clips two pieces
  • Ladeclip
  • Clothing clip
  • Sport carrier bag


As with the X3, the ear fins are pulled over the headphones and then fitted with either the silicone or the sweat-resistant ear cushions. This is again a bit fiddly, as the headphones themselves are round. Therefore, one must try on and adapt the ear fins several times, until they sit in the correct angle. Since four and not three sizes are supplied, the Freedom provide more buyers with a matching set. I couldn’t find a suitable size for the x3, but the Jaybird Freedom fits perfectly.

The connection to different devices works very fast. Only my computer took a little longer. Here, too, there is an audio confirmation that the coupling has taken place.

Jaybird Freedom in Practice

Due to the better fit of the Freedom they can be worn a lot more comfortably than the X3. They are just as light and can be easily adjusted with the included clips and clamps. Even extensive head-bang action leaves the Freedom cold, the ear fins in the right size make all the difference.

But it’s not until you play it back that you realize what the customer is spending more money on. Even without the free App provided by Jaybird, the quality is better than X3. The basses are fuller and rounder, the trebles more pleasant and the volume control has milder gradations. You can also hear the quality of the music file. While the X3 played all the songs in about the same way, the Freedom is accompanied by a soft crackle or noise. This does not happen for files with better quality. Positive: If you turn the headphones louder than currently possible on a smartphone, the signal is significantly quieter than on the X3.


The Jaybird Freedom, the big brother of the X3, is an all-round successful product that will satisfy even the most demanding music lover. The wearing comfort is much better, which makes these headphones well suited for the sports area. The supplied parts are neatly crafted and convey a well thought-out concept. The only thing that really turns out negative is the loading clip. The additional weight is clearly noticeable after the attachment. In addition, the control element of the headphones is almost three times as thick.

Jaybird Freedom


Great sound

A device that music lovers will not be disappointed by, even during sports. Super fit, only slightly fiddly when first tried on.

Simon Lüthje

I am co-founder of this blog and am very interested in everything that has to do with technology, but I also like to play games. I was born in Hamburg, but now I live in Bad Segeberg.

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