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KTC H27T22 gaming monitor in review – Is the mid-range gaming monitor from China worth it?

KTC is a brand that is not yet very present in German-speaking countries. However, the company has been based in the Chinese innovation capital Shenzhen for 27 years and is known for several premium and mid-range gaming monitors on the display hardware market. In today’s review, we want to take a closer look at the H27T22. A 27″ QHD gaming monitor with 165Hz, Fast IPS, 1ms response time and 99% sRGB panel. Whether the gaming monitor, true to the company’s motto “You come, you play and you concure”, can place itself at the top of our rating, you can find out in the following test.

Technical data

Display size 27 inch
Panel Model 8.2
Panel type AUO Fast IPS
Screen curvature Even
Type of backlight ELED
Maximum resolution 2560×1440P (WQHD)
Brightness Min:300cd/m2; Type: 350 cd/m2
Screen surface Glare protection 25%
Display color 16.7 MB 8bit
Color scale 99% sRGB, 84% AdobeRGB and 92% DCI-P3
Viewing Angle H:178º, V:178º (CR>10)
Refresh rate 165Hz
Response time 1ms (GTG)
Adaptive synchronization AMD FreeSync Premium, G-Sync compatible
Interfaces 1 x headphone jack, 2 x DP 1.2, 1 xHDMI 2.0, 1 x USB 2.0 (upgrade only)
Stand support Quick release, tilt: -5°-20°(±3°), pan: ±30°, swivel: ±90°, height adjustment: 90 mm(±5 mm)
Product Dimension 24.25″ x 14.34″ x 2.36″ | 616 x 364.3 x 59.76 mm (without stand), 24.25 inch x 19.56 inch x 9.91 inch | 66 x 497.7 x 251.8 mm (with stand)
Product Weight 6.0kg | 13.22 lb (with stand)
Price € 259.99 *
€ 259.99
Buy now* Geekbuying

Scope of delivery & Construction

  • Simple and efficient packaging
  • Assembly with the help of only one screw without tools

Delivered in a cardboard box suitable for a gaming monitor, the H27T22 is protected inside with styrofoam. From the outside, the brand name and logo can be seen in white on a light blue background. After unpacking, the scope of delivery consists of the monitor itself with a separate stand to snap it into place, a power adapter and finally a small envelope with the user manual.

Now the monitor just needs to be assembled. There are two ways to do this: Either you use the 100 x 100 mm VESA mount, which is on the back, or you use the included stand. This can be set up in a maximum of 5 minutes, since you only have to insert the support arm into the stand and tighten a screw on the bottom. Finally, the arm just needs to be clicked into the VESA mount and the setup is complete. Simple, straightforward and exactly what you need.

Design & Workmanship

  • Optically playful with beautiful accents
  • Workmanship typical mid-range to budget

First, let’s briefly talk about the included stand of the H27T22. Not only is the construction efficient, but so is the design. The panel can be rotated in all directions, allowing even uncompromising vertical placement. The concept and production method are similar to a typical office monitor from Iiyama, such as the PROLITE XUB2792QSU-B1. One detail that is a bit too eye-catching for our taste is the cable management hole in the stand, which clearly stands out from the rest of the black monitor case with its bright pink color.

While we’re on the case, we might as well move on. The back of the H27T22 is typically playful for gaming monitors. At the top end here is the ambient light in the form of an elongated “W”. On each side is a small grille for venting the panel, and finally at the bottom is a button for adjusting the OSD settings and a large cutout for the interfaces. Here, the meanwhile rather inexpensive interfaces like DP 1.2 and HDMI 2.0 were installed, but more than sufficient for a mid-range setup. Furthermore, there is a slot for the power supply and an audio output, although the H27T22 does not have any internal speakers. Unfortunately, those who depend on additional USB interfaces will have to make concessions with this monitor. The only USB port is exclusively used for firmware upgrades and otherwise has no other function.

In conclusion to this chapter, it can be said that the build quality of the H27T22 is very satisfactory for what it offers. The plastic looks good, doesn’t have too many cracks, and has good visibility in the end.

Image quality

  • Convincing & slightly surpassed results

Probably the most important part of a monitor, however, is the panel. An AUO8.2 Fast IPS LCD panel with a color space of 16.9 million sRGB was installed. According to KTC, the panel can thus display a color space of 99% sRGB, 84% AdobeRGB and 92% DCI-P3. A very good color space for a monitor that is called a gaming monitor. Of course, this made us curious to measure the H27T22 directly with our measuring device. The following are our results.


With these results, not only can the manufacturer’s specifications be easily surpassed, but these can also be seen. Thus, the H27T22 is not only suitable for visible scenes in AAA games, but also for a decent use in semi-professional photo and video editing. It is still important to calibrate your own monitor here.


We can only report positive results in this area as well. We have a Delta E of 0.72 on average here. If you look at the brightness, we have 300 and 350 cd/m² according to KTC and we can only confirm this as well. The H27T22 is decently bright, whereby the respective corners of the panel shine very white in a black picture. The overall picture that you get with the H27T22 is therefore quite convincing from a laboratory point of view. Now it’s back to practice in the last step.

Practice & OSD settings

  • Sharp text & image display
  • Convincing image in gaming as well as photo and video editing

The lab values have convinced us, but much more important is the practice. How well does KTC’s H27T22 do here? In our opinion, very well and satisfactorily. The H27T22 doesn’t leave anything to be desired in the office area. Fonts, texts and images are sharp and the color gamut creates a vivid picture.

In gaming, we particularly noticed the rich colors and good contrasts. Compared to other IPS panels, this is a real eye-catcher. Especially in titles that require a lot of FPS, like most first-person shooters, the 165 Hz come into their own. Of course, the 1 ms response time also helps for an even more direct gaming experience. Additionally, the H27T22 offers AMD FreeSync Premium and G-Sync, depending on your graphics card. Both modes work well and did not show any known errors during our test period.

Finally, a few words about the OSD of the H27T22. Visually, the OSD is reminiscent of the overlays on Samsung’s gaming monitors. It’s angular, modern and has everything you need. You can hover through the options on the left and then adjust each of them on the right. The control via the power button joystick works reliably and intuitively.


How far did KTC’s H27T22 work its way up in the ratings? We’d say pretty far up, but still with some room to go. This is typical for monitors in the mid-price segment. The workmanship is okay, not the highest-quality material was used, but it serves its purpose and doesn’t look bad. In a nutshell, the panel not only makes a good impression in our lab test, but also in the much more important practice. You get what the manufacturer promises. All in all, this makes the H27T22 a quite affordable and promising gaming monitor at around 260 euros.

KTC H27T22

Image quality
Value for money


A superior gaming monitor that can also hold its own especially in the field of photo and video editing. The price-performance ratio of the KTC H27T22 is right.

€ 259.99
Buy now* Geekbuying

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KTC is a brand that is not yet very present in German-speaking countries. However, the company has been based in the Chinese innovation capital Shenzhen for 27 years and is known for several premium and mid-range gaming monitors on the display hardware market. In today’s review, we want to take a closer look at the … (Weiterlesen...)

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