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LC-Power LC-KEY-MECH-2-RGB-C-W review: Mechanical keyboard with strong price-performance ratio

So far, we have been able to test various monitors and even a notebook from the manufacturer LC-Power, which all had one thing in common: They score with an excellent price-performance ratio, which is primarily intended to appeal to price-conscious users. This is now also what they want to offer in the new mechanical gaming keyboard, which comes up with high-quality switches, premium features like anti-ghosting and N-key rollover, and of course RGB lighting. Our LC-Power LC-KEY-MECH-2-RGB-C-W review clarifies how good the model really is and whether it is worth buying.

Technical Specifications

Button switch type Gateron Red
Button switch types Linear
Switch interchangeable no
Material Plastic
Dimensions (L x W x H) 354 mm x 136 mm x 40 mm
Weight 981 grams
Onboard memory not available
Cable port USB type-C
Rollover technology N-Key Rollover
Key Caps ABS
Operating Modes Typing; Gaming
Wireless modes 2.4 GHz wireless; Bluetooth
Battery capacity 2,000 mAh
Colors Black
Price € 65.58 *

LC-Power LC-KEY-MECH-2-RGB-C-W review: design and workmanship

  • Simple design; made of plastic
  • ABS keycaps replaceable
  • Practical cable routing on bottom

The mechanical gaming keyboard LC-Power LC-KEY-MECH-2-RGB-C-W comes completely in black color. Only the labels of the keys are light gray, the logo of the manufacturer above the arrow keys silver, set off.

The design of the compact keyboard is unobtrusive and simple. However, the build quality leaves nothing to be desired. Gaps or unsightly edges can’t be found despite the plastic case.

With dimensions of 354 mm x 136 mm x 40 mm, the keyboard is within an average range for a keyboard in the compact TKL form factor, which does without a number pad. The weight of 981 grams, however, is comparatively high.

With its anodized finish, the surface looks quite high-quality and the keycaps, although made of ABS plastic, also have a quite pleasant feel. We have experienced quite different things in the field of inexpensive mechanical keyboards.

If desired, the keycaps can also be removed quickly and easily and replaced with other versions. Unfortunately, the manufacturer does not include the necessary puller. You’ll have to acquire it yourself or use other tools.

The trapezoidal design of the keyboard, which is raised at the back, is somewhat reminiscent of the models from the manufacturer Keychron, but their metal frame turns out to be even more high-end and robust. However, they also cost at least twice as much as the LC-Power model.

On the underside, you’ll find two feet on the upper edge, which you can use to position the keyboard at two different angles or optionally completely flat. Rubberized feet on the lower edge also provide a secure grip on smooth surfaces.

The USB-A wireless receiver is placed in the center of the back, which is very useful for not losing it on the go. The power button is located to the left. The USB-C to USB-A cable, which is needed for charging or optionally for wired use, is connected in the top center. Thanks to a well thought-out bulge, the cable can be routed away from the port in three different positions.

Thoughtful details: holder for USB receiver and cable routing

Chapeau, LC-Power. This may only be a small detail, but we have rarely seen it like this even in significantly more expensive gaming keyboards. However, it has to be considered that the cable routing is only designed for very thin strands. Cloth-covered or thicker cables from other manufacturers can therefore unfortunately not be used.

The LC-Power LC-KEY-MECH-2-RGB-C-W in practice

  • Good, linear gateron switches with a pleasant pressure point
  • Comparatively loud typing noise
  • Full N-key rollover and anti-ghosting

The LC-Power LC-KEY-MECH-2-RGB-C-W also cuts quite a good figure in the practical test. However, some factors found in higher-priced keyboards are quite noticeable. For example, the keyboard doesn’t have any damping below the mechanical switches, which results in a comparatively loud typing feel.

Although this is rather unimportant when used alone in a gaming room or office, it disqualifies the use for rooms where several people are present or in open-plan offices, for example.


Regarding the switches, manufacturer LC-Power has chosen red, linear Gateron Red switches, which are very close to the well-known and popular Cherry MX Red switches. Again, the trigger point is two millimeters, while the key travel is 4 mm, while the switches trigger linearly, instantly with a force of 45 grams. According to the manufacturer, the switches should withstand 50 million keystrokes, which is quite a decent value.

The cheaper Gateron Red switches are in no way inferior to their Cherry MX counterparts

In practice, the typing feel on the LC-KEY-MECH-2-RGB-C-W is quite convincing. All keystrokes and commands are recognized quickly and precisely, while full N-key rollover and anti-ghosting prevent typos.

However, I personally didn’t find the right angle to achieve the ideal typing feel for me. I found the angle a bit unfavorable when placed very flat, while it was a bit too high on the middle level – but that is simply a matter of taste. Maybe that doesn’t bother you.

Settings and software

  • No software available; setting via FN key combinations
  • Inadequate descriptions in the manual
  • Practical media and function keys

Points are deducted mainly for the setting options, because the LC-Power LC-KEY-MECH-2-RGB-C-W does without any accompanying software. This means that all settings have to be made directly via the keyboard in conjunction with FN key combinations.

The keyboard is quite versatile here, after all, you can directly open the email program, the browser or the calculator. On the other hand, using the commands does not work quite as smoothly or completely as the manual suggests – after all, it is the only way to find out what you can set on the keyboard and how.

FN + W is supposed to be a so-called “exchange function”. What is hidden behind this term, however, remains completely unclear. In any case, the key combination does not result in any action.


Then again, there are supposed to be five adjustable game modes (for shooters, CF games, CoD, RTS or League of Legends), which can also be activated using key combinations. But even these combinations did not result in any changes to the functions in the context of the LC-Power LC-KEY-MECH-2-RGB-C-W test. Additional details and explanations within the manual would have been desirable here.

I even managed to completely paralyze the keyboard in the test when trying to make any settings here, so that it no longer reacted to any inputs. No idea how I managed that – only a reset helped.

RGB lighting

  • Fancy, customizable RGB lighting
  • 20 modes; multiple brightness levels

Not to be left unmentioned, however, is the RGB lighting, which shines pleasantly through the light gray coating on the black keycaps. Here you can choose from the 20 lighting modes with wave effects, reactive effects and much more.

If you wish, you can also disable the illumination completely, create individual lighting modes or adjust the brightness.

LC-Power LC-KEY-MECH-2-RGB-C-W RGB lighting
Customizable RGB lighting with 20 effects is also available, of course.

Wireless modes and battery life

  • Connection via wireless and Bluetooth
  • Bluetooth pairing with up to 3 devices
  • Average battery life

On the plus side, however, the LC-Power LC-KEY-MECH-2-RGB-C-W again chalks up the various operating modes. In addition to the included USB-A dongle, which establishes a stable and almost latency-free wireless connection in the 2.4 GHz band, the connection via Bluetooth is also possible.

Thus, the keyboard can also be used with a smartphone or tablet without any problems. The connection is also established via FN key commands. Up to three different devices can be connected via Bluetooth. At the same time, further commands can be used to switch to the USB receiver or the cable connection.

The battery has a capacity of 2,000 mAh and lasts up to eight hours, depending on the intensity of use, RGB lighting and other factors. That’s not a beastly value, but it’s absolutely sufficient.

LC-Power LC-KEY-MECH-2-RGB-C-W review: conclusion

With the LC-Power LC-KEY-MECH-2-RGB-C-W, the manufacturer once again proves that they have mastered an excellent price-performance ratio. For the price of about 50 euros, the willing buyer gets a lot.

The build quality is quite high, considering the price. The range of functions is convincing and a wireless keyboard with wireless and Bluetooth mode for this price is hard to find anyway. In addition, there are some clever ideas like the cable routing on the underside, as well as the successful RGB lighting.

However, I find the customization via the FN button functions a bit tricky and the corresponding description in the manual lacks some details. Especially since not all of the described functions really result in a change or I don’t understand their purpose.

The keyboard also leaves a lot to be desired in terms of battery life and volume. In the end, however, it remains a convincing mechanical keyboard at a more than fair price, with which you can have a lot of fun – at least if you are not looking for macros, profiles or extensive customization options.

LC-Power LC-KEY-MECH-2-RGB-C-W Review: Silver Award


Value for money


The LC-Power LC-KEY-MECH-2-RGB-C-W offers price-conscious gamers some exciting highlights and scores with a good typing and writing feel, as well as many connectivity options.

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I am co-founder of this blog and am very interested in everything that has to do with technology, but I also like to play games. I was born in Hamburg, but now I live in Bad Segeberg.

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