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Speedlink Lunera in review – An affordable gaming kit for beginners

If you want to buy a computer and the appropriate peripherals, you will have to spend a lot of money. This is exactly where Speedlink wants to start with the gaming set “Lunera 4 in 1 Illuminated”: The company sells a combination of keyboard, mouse, mouse pad and headset for the lowest price of only Price not available * [review time: 60€], and thus probably mainly appeals to beginners with a tight budget. We took a look at the product combination and tested whether it lives up to this claim.

Scope of delivery

Speedlink’s Lunera kit comes in a large, colorfully printed cardboard box. Inside it is the keyboard at the very top, the mouse pad underneath, and the mouse and headset at the very bottom. Accessories are largely dispensed with: Apart from the respective devices, there are only two short manuals.

SPEEDLINK LUNERA 4in1 Illuminated Gaming Set
This product is currently unavailable.


Dimensions: 490 x 168 x 40 mm
Weight: 720g
Connection: USB, 1.5m
Lighting: Multicolor
Switches: Rubberdome

As a keyboard, there is a typical Rubberdome model with multi-color backlight in the Lunera set. The case is mostly made of matte black plastic, but the cover with the decorative cutouts visible from above is made of metal. The build quality is acceptable: If you bend the keyboard intentionally, it creaks noticeably and the metal sheet is quite thin. However, we couldn’t find any major flaws in the device – only the labeling of the enter key in the number pad isn’t quite complete in our model.

The keyboard relies on a 100% standard layout without additional keys. Special functions are realized by an FN and an illumination key instead. For example, you can make settings for music playback, lock the Windows key or configure the illumination. Speedlink relies on a few LEDs in the case, which illuminate the white, slightly transparent plastic underneath the keys and thus do not achieve a homogeneous illumination, but at least illuminate the entire area.

The color gradient visible in the pictures is fixed. Accordingly, there is only a breathing as well as a three-level brightness setting as effects. Optionally, the lighting can also be deactivated completely.

In terms of practical use, the keyboard is like many other devices: There is no palm rest worth mentioning, but the usual feet on the bottom. These are rubberized at the ends so that the keyboard is a bit more slip-proof in raised mode. On the other hand, the device can be moved very easily when flat.

Typing on the Speedlink keyboard is possible in any case, even if the built-in rubber dome keys feel quite spongy, as is usually the case with this type of construction. On the other hand, the slightly rough surface of the keycaps is pleasant, and they can be removed quite easily for cleaning. More would certainly not have been expected for the targeted price range.

However, we would have really wished for something in the Lunera keyboard, because it doesn’t have an N- or 6-key rollover. If you want to do this, you can create incorrect inputs with many simultaneous keystrokes. This didn’t happen to us while playing with the device, but it can’t be ruled out during excessive hotkey use.

Mouse & mouse pad

Dimensions: 125 x 65 x 40 mm
Weight: 85g
Connection: USB, 1.5m
Lighting: RGB
Sensor: Unknown, 800 / 1,200 / 2,400 / 3,200 DPI
Keys: 4 + DPI + mouse wheel

The Lunera mouse relies on a typical symmetrical layout with unilaterally placed thumb buttons for the back and forward function and a DPI button behind the rubberized mouse wheel. The case is completely made of black plastic, which is textured on the sides and rubberized on the back. The latter surface feels slightly specky, but overall the mouse is haptically okay.

The simple rubber mouse pad provided by Speedlink is also pleasant. This is plain standard stuff: mice glide easily over the surface and with the surface of 24 by 31.5 cm, the mouse pad should also be large enough for most. The only thing to consider is that the mouse pad is delivered slightly bent. After a few days on a smooth surface, however, the pad is flat again.

In terms of ergonomics, the Lunera mouse isn’t a marvel in our eyes: the fingertip and palm grip only work for small to normal-sized hands, whereas the fingertip grip always works. It is possible to work and play with it for a longer period of time, but compared to some higher-priced models, we found it a bit more strenuous. However, that could also be subjective. In any case, the keys of the Lunera mouse are easy to reach and precise control is possible in principle.

The pressure points of the built-in keys are good: The back key can be pressed a bit further than the forward key, but that was to be expected for the price. The same applies to the illumination and the built-in sensor: The former is not exactly homogeneous due to only a few LEDs, and the sensor with 800 to 3200 DPI is anything but a high-end model. However, you can still play with the sensor. However, you should keep the permanently activated angle snapping in mind. Whether this is positive or negative is simply a matter of taste.


Dimensions: 185 x 200 x 90 mm
Weight: 250g
Connection: 3.5mm jack, 1.8m
Driver: 40 mm
Frequency range: 20 – 20,000 Hz
Impedance: 32 Ω
Sound pressure level: 105 +- 3 dB @ 1 kHz
Impedance (microphone) 2.2 klΩ
Sensitivity (microphone) -58 +- 3 dB @ 1 kHz

Lastly, the Lunera set comes with a headset, and again, Speedlink sticks to the basics in many respects. The headset relies on a closed design and consists almost entirely of (glossy) plastic, which is padded at the ears as well as at the headband and covered with artificial leather.

Both the fold-out microphone and the permanently installed and sleeved connection cable are located on the left earpiece. This in turn has a simple volume control via a potentiometer and two three-pin jack plugs. Without an additional adapter, the headset can thus be used on desktop PCs, but not on notebooks or smartphones.

The build quality, like that of the previous devices, is merely functional. The headset doesn’t feel too high-end, but the basic construction seems stable. Only the seams on the headpad are visibly unclean: Two protruding threads can be seen on our model. However, these should not come loose by themselves, so this is not a durability problem.

In terms of ergonomics, the Lunera headset offers a height adjustment of a good 2 cm. Potential rotation and tilt is made possible via the compliant headband. Thus, the headset can admittedly be worn for several hours. However, more expensive models – be it with additional joints or simply a higher-quality construction – are more comfortable. We also noticed that the padding on the ears is a bit harder than in most other headsets. However, this did not bother us. This is where your own preference decides.

The price of the Lunera headset is unfortunately also noticeable in the sound quality. This is neither particularly differentiated nor spatial. The bass is audible at just over 40 Hertz and is represented well enough in the sound, but not many details come across in higher frequency ranges. Compared to entry-level headsets in the 30 euro range, the headset can’t keep up, but they are of course much more expensive. In addition, the Lunera headset does not have any basic problems like noise or the like, so you can at least get used to the moderate sound quality – as long as you do not compare it with higher-quality headsets.

On the other hand, the recording quality of the headset looks better. It has a quiet, muffled background noise, but you can still understand it well with the built-in microphone. Thus, the headset is well equipped for the occasional voice chat with friends.

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With the Lunera, Speedlink offers a gaming set that especially stands out with its very reasonable price of only Price not available * [review time: 60€]. However, it should be noted that Speedlink had to cut back on many points in order to keep the four components – mouse pad, mouse, headset and keyboard – within budget.

Nevertheless, the company has managed to find a sensible middle ground between a low price and usable functionality, at least in many aspects. For example, the keyboard has a well-implemented FN function, the mouse has a forward and back button – which is unfortunately not a matter of course in the lower price range – and the headset is at least sufficient for phone calls with the built-in microphone. Of course, you should not expect miracles, and in our eyes, the headset in particular could have spent a few more Euros to improve the playback quality. However, the Lunera set can still be a good solution for very price-conscious beginners who want to buy their complete equipment in one go. Those who have more money at their disposal should use it, though.

Speedlink Lunera 4 in 1

Value for money


A gaming set that stands out especially for its price.

SPEEDLINK LUNERA 4in1 Illuminated Gaming Set
This product is currently unavailable.

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If you want to buy a computer and the appropriate peripherals, you will have to spend a lot of money. This is exactly where Speedlink wants to start with the gaming set „Lunera 4 in 1 Illuminated“: The company sells a combination of keyboard, mouse, mouse pad and headset for the lowest price of only … (Weiterlesen...)

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