Razer Kraken Ultimate: Razer Introduces THX Gaming Headset

Razer has introduced a premium headset designed to meet the challenges of tournaments. Thanks to its positional sound, the Kraken Ultimate enables the perfect location of opponents. To achieve this precise sound experience, Razer relies on THX Spatial Audio.

Many technology in the auricles

Razer has used individually tuned 50 mm drivers in the Kraken Ultimate. These provide not only a spatial, but also a natural sound. Above all, the realism of the sound should ensure a sound landscape that is characterized by a maximum of immersion. According to Razer, the player should be able to immerse himself deeply in the action. Even the quietest nuances of the playing sound should be audible.

Optimal shielding

In addition to the feast for the ears, the Razer Kraken Ultimate is also supposed to make high-quality audio recordings possible. Razer provides the microphone with a reliable noise reduction (Active Noise Cancelling). This ensures optimal communication with the team. Disturbing external noise should be reliably suppressed by the noise suppression.

Perfect sound with THX Spatial Audio

According to Razer, the Kraken Ultimate offers better surround sound than comparable 7.1 surround gaming headsets. It uses THX Spatial technology. According to Razer, this allows you to achieve the most accurate location possible while playing. The 360-degree sound experience is supposed to offer a decisive advantage when playing competitively. So it should make it easier to locate important places or even creeping opponents.

But the Kraken Ultimate should not only offer surround sound, but also high-quality sound design. In many cases the gaming headset even optimizes the quality of the game sound. This gives it a sound that is characterized by great realism. An adaptation of the Kraken Ultimate’s virtual loudspeakers should even be able to represent distances and the location of the object through a natural sound backdrop. Thus the gaming headset should effectively avoid signs of fatigue.

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Driver from expert

Razer is not lumpen about drivers. 50 mm drivers are supposed to offer a sound backdrop that covers all sound facets. From powerful basses to crystal clear highs, the gaming headset should be able to offer a comprehensive sound image. According to Razer, this is the best audio experience a Kraken headset has ever had.

Optimal team communication

Many competitive games depend on communication with team members. The team discussion is essential. For example, the microphone offers noise suppression, which is intended to ensure the highest call quality. Thanks to ANC technology, it should detect background noise and reliably filter it out. The goal is a crystal clear voice to enable the best possible team communication.

High comfort

The design of the Razer Kraken Ultimate accommodates long gaming nights. It is characterized by its low weight. This prevents neck pain. Despite the low weight, it should be very stable. Furthermore, the ear cushions of the gaming headset are equipped with cushions made of cooling gel. These not only prevent hot ears, but also provide practical eyeglass channels. This will be a particular pleasure for spectacle wearers.

RGB Underglow Lighting

Also optically the Kraken Ultimate has a lot to offer. A backlight reveals the classic Razer logo. A total of up to 16.8 million colours can be displayed.

The Razer Kraken Ultimate is now available at an RRP of 149,99 Euro.

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