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Teufel Cage (2020) Gaming headset in test

The Berlin audio specialist Teufel has provided us with the new Teufel Cage (2020) about three years after the release of his first gaming headset. Our practical test shows whether the headset, which is available in the official online shop for just under 170 euros, can achieve the grade “excellent” (94 percent) like its predecessor. Just like the first generation released in 2017, the new Teufel Cage (2020) also has a USB sound card integrated into the headset for virtual 7.1 surround sound, a detachable microphone and both a USB and a jack connection for mixed audio play.

Technical data of the Teufel Cage (2020)

Material leatherette earcups, aluminium and plastic earhooks and holder
Type Overear Gaming Headset (closed)
Audio driver 40-mm-Linear-HD-Driver
Frequency range 20 – 20000 Hz
Impedance 32 Ohm
Sensitivity 86 dB
Interfaces 3.5 mm jack, USB
Microphone type two microphones
Microphone frequency 30 Hz – 18 kHz
Cable length 1.5 m (jack), 3 m (USB)
Special features 7.1 Surround (virtual)
Weight 340 grams
Price € 114.99 *

Differences to the predecessor

The first and second generation of the Teufel Cage Headset hardly differ optically at first sight. Only on closer inspection does it become clear that Teufel has tried to further improve the already good ergonomics of the first generation by modifying the ear cups and their suspension. Features include a new microphone capsule for better voice quality and a redesigned microphone. The often criticized high position of the microphone, which sometimes obscured the view of the screen, has also been adapted by Teufel and shifted significantly downwards.

Teufel Cage (manufacturer image)
Teufel Cage (manufacturer image)

In order to improve operation while wearing the headset, Teufel has also adjusted the position of the buttons integrated in the headset based on user feedback. The software, which will be dealt with separately in the test report later, has also received a major update.

Scope of delivery of the Teufel Cage (2020) gaming headset

The scope of delivery of the Teufel Cage (2020) consists of the actual gaming headset, an audio cable (3.5 mm jack plug), a microphone to plug in with pre-installed pop protection and a USB cable. A carrying bag or additional ear cups with other covers are unfortunately not included in the scope of delivery despite the relatively high price.

Design and quality of workmanship

Logitech G Pro X or the Astro A50, the new Teufel Cage (2020) looks quite elegant, but remains inconspicuous. The minimalist design of various shades of black and grey is only broken in active mode by the two red shining devil logos in the ear cups. Users who don’t appreciate this typical “gaming look” can also deactivate the lighting completely or reduce its intensity if desired. .

The Berlin-based manufacturer is once again able to convince with its very high-quality choice of materials, which are mainly lacquered aluminium and a high-quality plastic. The aluminium headband is particularly convincing, as it leaves a high-quality and durable impression thanks to its tight grid pattern.

Ergonomics and wearing comfort

The Teufel Cage (2020) with a weight of 340 grams is not a “heavyweight” among gaming headsets, but feels much heavier on the head compared to my beyerdynamic DT 990. Responsible for this is the high contact pressure, which ensures that the headset shields very well and doesn’t slip, but can also become a bit uncomfortable after a long period of wearing. All in all, the wearing comfort of the headset is not excellent in my opinion but still on a very good level.

The adaptation to different head shapes also works better than expected, despite the massive looking temple of the Teufel Cage (2020). Especially positive here is the grid of the aluminium bracket, which sits bomb-proof regardless of the selected step and thus allows adaptation to practically any head size. Another positive aspect is that the temples do not build up any punctual pressure, even with spectacle wearers, which makes many competing products unsuitable. .

Sound and microphone quality

The Teufel Cage (2020) can be used with virtually any device via 3.5 mm jack cable. The alternative connection via USB cable only works on the PC and the Sony PlayStation 4. This also affects the playback and recording quality, because when connected via USB, the integrated sound card allows for individual customization of the playback and recording quality by the Teufel Audio Center software due to the integrated sound card.

The sound of the Teufel Gaming-Headset is altogether very bass-heavy. Explosions, footsteps and firefights in games can be located well, but a neutral reproduction of music is not possible due to the very dominant low frequencies. Another negative aspect is a quite audible background noise, but this only occurs at really low volumes and is therefore hardly noticeable in practice. The virtual 7.1 surround sound is also convincing and allows an even deeper immersion into the game, but it only works in combination with the software and is therefore not usable on consoles.

The recording quality of the Teufel Cage (2020) is outstanding and therefore makes the headset a good choice for streamers and other people who need high sound quality away from discord and teamspeak. This is made possible by Teufel’s additional microphone, which records noise and filters it out using the so-called intelligent echo cancellation. Our practical test shows that this is not just an advertising promise, but that the recorded voice really sounds better compared to other gaming headsets.


The Teufel Audio Center has been developed in cooperation with Xear, just like its predecessor. In addition to the usual functions such as configuration of the microphone and the equalizer, the new Audio Center also offers setting options for virtual surround sound with Xear Surround Sound. A further nice feature is Xear Smart Volume, which automatically adjusts the volume.

Dashboard with status of headset
Dashboard with status of headset
Multifunction button and illumination
Multifunction button and illumination
equalizer with presets
equalizer with presets
Xear Surround Sound
Xear Surround Sound
Sample Rate Settings
Sample Rate Settings
Audio Options
Audio Options

Important functions can also be controlled by two buttons directly on the headset. One of the buttons is responsible for activating and deactivating the microphone, the second multifunction button can be freely assigned. In addition, a rotary wheel allows the volume to be continuously adjusted.


The Teufel Cage (2020) is with a price of just under 170 Euro not a bargain, but it can stand out positively from typical gaming headsets due to the high quality of materials and good workmanship. The audio quality and the built-in microphone are also convincing. Only the ergonomics and the wearing comfort are not at the absolute top level due to the massive construction and the high contact pressure, but they are still convincing. All in all, the Teufel Cage (2020) is a significant improvement on the already award-winning first generation gaming headset and thus a clear recommendation to buy by the editors.

Teufel Cage (2020)

Wearing comfort/Ergonomics
Sound quality
Recording quality
Value for money


Excellent headset for gamers with significant improvements over the first generation. Clear purchase recommendation.

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