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5 Apps to encourage safety on the road

According to the statistics, car accidents are one of the most numerous causes of death by negligence. Phones can cause the driver’s distraction and loss of attention. To reduce the risk of accidents at the wheel and to be less distracted by notifications on the phone, we have chosen for you a list of 5 smartphone apps that, on the contrary, help to increase the driver’s attention while driving, thereby ensuring safety.

TrueMotion Family Safe Driving

Instead of disabling notifications, TrueMotion Family Safe Driving tells you how you drive. Specifically designed for families, it tracks location, speed, and phone usage while driving. It also provides GPS tracking which is an absolute must while traveling in the new country where the traffic can be quite busy. For example, in cities such as Tokyo, Istanbul or Dubai there are so many cars that you always have to watch out. Motorways in such cities are often picturesque and catch drivers’ attention, Dubai is one of such towns. The number of the most prestigious cars there is off the scale. In recent years, tourists are increasingly using car rental services, which give an opportunity to rent a car of both middle class and premium during your vacation. The service Renty has the biggest choice of cars, there you can find even Tesla’s famous electric cars and the latest sports cars such as Lamborghini and Porsche. The main advantages of rental services are mobility which they provide. To improve road safety, the Truemotion Family Safe Driving app sends the driver real-time information about aggressive driving, speeding, traffic jams and weather conditions.


OnMyWay automatically disables text notifications. The app alerts when you’re driving at more than 20 km per hour, but at the same time you can answer calls if your phone is connected to the car’s bluetooth system. You can still make phone calls without using your hands, but navigation and music apps will work properly. The app is free for both Android and iPhone devices.

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LifeSaver is a free safe driving app that automatically detects and activates when the app user starts driving. This prevents drivers from using their phones during the trip by blocking all other phone apps. LifeSaver can also be used by employers, fleet managers and multiple drivers.

Drivemode Dash

The app can be used to direct calls to voicemail. The Drivemode Dash notes can be used to direct calls, disable text messages and send automatic responses. Parents of teen drivers can set up an alert to receive notifications when their teen turns off the app while driving. Drivemode Dash has additional functions for tracking vehicles of the entire family, including location and driving behavior.


This app is absolutely free for both Android and IOS systems. Talker reads your emails and messages right when you are driving. The app has a voice control function, all a driver needs is to say “Hello Talker” and it activates. It is possible to tell the app to play back the messages, or go to the next email or delete it’. The app has several voices that can read messages. Depending on your preferences, you can choose the gender of the voice, a certain accent, or even choose a celebrity who will voice messages for you.

Summing up, we strongly advise you to install at least one of these apps in order to be more focused while driving and keep your hands on the steering wheel.

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