Amazon Prime Day: Gadgets from SwitchBot on SALE!

It’s that time again. Amazon Prime Day is just around the corner and bargain hunters can once again take advantage of some attractive discounts on July 11 and 12. Also in on the action is smart home expert SwitchBot. SwitchBot itself offers in the own Webshop some of its products already from 4 July cheaper. Thereby you save with the code BTSWITCHBOT up to 30% compared to the normal price. We take a look at the bargains.

SwitchBot Blind Tilt

More and more people are turning to blinds as a modern alternative to curtains. The advantages are obvious. So here you do not have to fix a curtain rod on the wall and on top of that you always benefit from a certain privacy. However, it can be annoying to always align the blinds so that they correspond to your ideas. If you feel like this, you should take a look at the SwitchBot Blind Tilt. You attach this to the vertical tilt rod of your blinds. Once installed, it can rotate the rod to open or close the blinds. You can control everything from the comfort of your couch.

Image: SwitchBot

You can choose between the SwitchBot app or the popular voice assistants Amazon Alexa or Google Home as a control method. You can control the Blind Tilt via Bluetooth ex works. If you want to access the opening and closing of the blinds even when you are away from home, you should also buy a Hub 2 (test). This integrates the gadget into the home network and, thanks to Matter, ensures comprehensive compatibility with common smart home ecosystems. By the way, the included solar panel is really practical. It ensures that you don’t have to worry about the Blind Tilt’s battery life. The smart gadget permanently receives solar energy to work reliably.

SwitchBot Curtain Rod 2

For many, classic curtains are still indispensable for a cozy home. Of course, the smart home expert is aware of this trend. That’s why SwitchBot has a unique curtain robot in its portfolio, the Curtain Rod 2, which makes your curtain rod smart in no time. At the same time, this solution is significantly cheaper than buying automated curtains directly. We were already able to verify that this works well in our test of the Curtain Rod 2. Similar to the Blind Tilt, you can also control the curtain robot via app or Alexa or Google Home. From the factory, however, you can only control your curtains with the Rod 2 via Bluetooth.


You can only get into the extensive network features like remote access on the go in conjunction with a Hub Mini or Hub 2. It’s the interaction with other SwitchBot gadgets in particular that makes the Curtain Rod 2 so interesting. As our extensive test showed, you can make the opening and closing of the curtains dependent on the humidity or room temperature, for example. With the door sensor, the curtains open when you come home and close when you leave. There are many possibilities for individual application here.

SwitchBot Bot

Every successful company has a top seller with which it made its breakthrough. At SwitchBot, this is the eponymous bot. In simple terms, this is a smart button pusher. With this gadget, you can easily make any old electronic device smart. Do you have an old stereo system that still offers top sound, but looks like it’s from the Stone Age when it comes to ease of use? With the Bot, you can switch it on and off from your couch using voice control or an app.

Image: SwitchBot

Originally, however, the smart button-pusher was developed to operate light switches automatically. Again, of course, there are many possible combinations from the manufacturer’s ecosystem. Just think of the door sensor. For example, the app can be used to set the lights to turn on when you come home and to turn them off when you leave. Again, you’ll need a hub from the manufacturer to use the extensive network features like voice assistants.

SwitchBot Indoor/Outdoor Thermo-Hygrometer

You think digital weather stations are boring and unnecessary? Then you should take a look at this one. After all, it scores not only with a modern understated design. On top of that, it’s the perfect complement to other SwitchBot gadgets. Not only can you check the temperature and humidity indoors and outdoors. On top of that, devices like the Curtain Rod 2 use it as a source of information. If the temperature reaches a certain value, the curtain robot reacts by opening or closing the curtains. But the gadget is also a real asset for young parents.

Image: SwitchBot

SwitchBot has integrated a reliable chip here, produced in Switzerland, which measures the parameters in the room with the highest precision. Thus, the chic gadget can be perfectly used as a surveillance for the children’s room. For example, you can use the app to display a warning in case the temperature drops or rises too much. Those who want to monitor their own four walls in terms of thermal insulation can also benefit from the memory function. Data can be stored locally for up to 68 days. Those who use the cloud can even look back two years. Incidentally, a Bluetooth range of up to 120 meters makes the thermo-hygrometer a reliable gadget even in large apartments and houses.

SwitchBot Lock

Want to make your door lock smart without having to replace the entire cylinder? Then the SwitchBot Lock is the perfect solution for you. You simply stick this smart lock to your existing lock and place it on the key. It is installed and ready for use in the twinkling of an eye. You can read how well it works in practice in our test. The manufacturer not only scores with easy installation and operation. On top of that, the high compatibility with almost every type of lock is commendable.


To get the most out of the features, you should by no means forgo buying a suitable hub. After all, the network functions of the Lock open up even more possibilities. By the way, it is also advisable to buy a suitable keypad, which allows unlocking even for people without a suitable NFC chip or app authorization. The matching numeric code or a registered fingerprint is sufficient here.

Save up to 30% with the matching code!

This year SwitchBot is again represented at Prime Day with various gadgets. If you want to save an additional 5% on top of the basic 25% savings, you can do so with the code BTSWITCHBOT. This will then result in the following prices:

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It’s that time again. Amazon Prime Day is just around the corner and bargain hunters can once again take advantage of some attractive discounts on July 11 and 12. Also in on the action is smart home expert SwitchBot. SwitchBot itself offers in the own Webshop some of its products already from 4 July cheaper. … (Weiterlesen...)

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