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The home is becoming increasingly intelligent. Whether it’s a thermostat, vacuum cleaner or doorbell. You can now feed almost anything into your own network and control and monitor it conveniently. Such solutions are known as smart homes. One popular manufacturer of products for the smart home is SwitchBot. According to the name, it all started with a remote-controlled device that can press switches – the SwitchBot Bot. In the meantime, however, the friendly company has many other products on offer that make your everyday life easier. Currently, you can get three popular products from the manufacturer at a discounted price on Amazon. Let’s take a look at the offers.

SwitchBot Curtain U-Rail 2 – The smart curtain opener and closer

Don’t fancy expensive electric curtains? Then SwitchBot has the right solution for you with the Curtain U-Rail 2. Here you get the possibility to transform your conventional curtain rod with classic curtains into the same in less than a minute. And all this at a fraction of the price. Not only the control, but also the installation is extremely convenient. Not only is it quick to install, but it doesn’t even require a screwdriver or anything similar. Once the SwitchBot is installed, it can be conveniently controlled via the in-house SwichBot app.

Image: SwitchBot

In doing so, you can use a simple touch gesture within the app to make the curtains open or close. If you want to achieve great effects, you can even determine how fast the curtain opens or closes with a simple finger swipe thanks to the “touch-and-go function”. But the curtain opener and closer is not only convenient and serves as a fun gimmick. On top of that, it serves your security. Since you can access the Curtain U-Rail 2 remotely thanks to integration into the home network, the curtains can be opened and closed even when you are not at home.

Image: SwitchBot

Especially if you’re on vacation, this can prevent break-ins. On the other hand, if you don’t feel like always manually setting when the curtains open or close via app, you can simply set a timer. Alternatively, you can rely on the light sensor that SwitchBot has installed. This ensures that the little curtain robot opens your curtains with the first rays of sunlight and closes them at nightfall – all completely automatically, of course.

Image: SwitchBot

Especially in combination with the practical SwitchBot Hub Plus, the Curtain U-Rail 2 proves to be a must-have in the smart home. After all, here you can simply push a button to make the curtains open or close. Voice control with the usual suspects Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant is of course also possible. For the SwitchBot Curtain U-Rail 2, you’re currently paying just 55.30 euros if you use the coupon code 10FZBANX eingibst. The offer is valid up to and including April 13, 2022.

SwitchBot Smart Switch – The smart switch robot

It can be said that the success story of the SwitchBot brand began with the Smart Switch. This universally applicable “switch pusher” can be mounted on almost any switch imaginable. One does not only have to think of conventional toggle switches, such as those used as light switches or control units for electric shutters. The smart switch can also be used to press device buttons. This makes it the perfect element in any smart home. In terms of practicality in particular, the Smart Switch is as simple as it is ingenious. Here, the SwitchBot app again forms the perfect interface between the user and the smart home gadget. Here you can, for example, set a timer at which the Smart Switch should act.

Image: SwitchBot

This way, your lights will be turned on or off – even if you’re not even at home yourself. Once again, this is not only practical, but also serves your security. After all, it also deters potential burglars from climbing into your own four walls. However, you don’t always have to think of such scary scenarios, but also of classic moments from everyday life. For example, did you forget to turn on your washing machine or turn off your TV? No problem. This can be easily controlled via app, even from a distance.

Image: SwitchBot

Thanks to its large and, most importantly, energy-efficient battery, the Smart Switch can last up to 600 days. That means you won’t have to worry about having to recharge the battery on a regular basis. Installation isn’t a headache either. Simply place the Smart Switch next to the desired toggle switch or device button using an included sticker. So you can safely leave tools like screwdrivers in your toolbox. As with the Curtein U-Rail, you also benefit from SwitchBot’s extensive ecosystem.

Image: SwitchBot

Thus, the Smart Switch can also be used wonderfully in combination with the SwitchBot Hub Mini. Voice control via Alexa, Siri or Google Assistant is also convenient. You can also currently purchase the SwitchBot Smart Switch at a discounted price on Amazon up to and including April 13, 2022. Instead of the RRP of 29.99 euros, the manufacturer only charges 20.99 euros. For this, you have to enter the coupon code 10FZBANX when ordering.

SwitchBot Meter Plus

With more and more home offices, we no longer just live in our own four walls, but sometimes spend the whole day inside, so air quality plays an immensely important role. This is especially the case during the cold cold months. With its Meter Plus, SwitchBot gives you the perfect way to always have a look at the air quality in your home. The Plus version of the device scores with a large 3 inch display on which you can see the most important information.

Image: SwitchBot

The Meter Plus is a so-called thermo-hygrometer. It shows you not only the temperature, but also the humidity of your environment. You can rely on the most accurate values. SwitchBot uses high-quality sensors that are manufactured in Switzerland. Thanks to a data update every four seconds, you will be informed about possible changes in the air quality as quickly as possible. In cooperation with the Curtain U-Rail, you can, for example, regulate that the curtains are opened or closed when a certain temperature is exceeded or not reached. Ingenious or?!

Image: SwitchBot

Of course, the SwitchBot Meter Plus can also be monitored with the handy SwitchBot app. In doing so, you get a warning message on your smartphone when certain values are outside the desired range. This can be important, for example, if you use the practical thermo-hygrometer in your greenhouse, where every degree counts. By the way, here again practical additions arise in interaction with the SwitchBot Hub Mini.

Image: SwitchBot

While the Meter Plus offers a Bluetooth range of 120 meters as a standalone device, you can feed it into your network using the Hub Mini. This allows you to access it remotely even when you’re not at home. But the range of functions is also expanded when the two components work together. For example, you can conveniently ask Alexa, Siri or Google Assistant what the current temperature or humidity is in your home. You can get the SwitchBot Meter Plus for 13.99 euros instead of 19.99 euros on Amazon until April 13, 2022. For this you have to enter the coupon code 10FZBANX.

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The home is becoming increasingly intelligent. Whether it’s a thermostat, vacuum cleaner or doorbell. You can now feed almost anything into your own network and control and monitor it conveniently. Such solutions are known as smart homes. One popular manufacturer of products for the smart home is SwitchBot. According to the name, it all started … (Weiterlesen...)

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