“all black”: Noctua presents two new versions of its coolers

Last week, Austrian company Noctua introduced its NH-D15S and NH-U9S CPU coolers in a new design.

New design – same performance

After the previous CPU coolers of the series have been well received, Noctua has now coloured further CPU coolers black. The NH-D15S as well as the NH-U9S are now completely black. The heat sink, anti-vibration pads and fan are now completely black coated, as are the fan clips and all other mounting parts. Apart from that, both models are identical in construction to the regular models. The production process and the coating have been optimized in such a way that the silent cooling has been maintained.

Single fan or rather compact ?

The NH-D15S is the single fan version of the award-winning NH-D15. It is asymmetrical and therefore versatile compatible. If enough space is available, it can be upgraded with an additional fan. In contrast to the NH-D15S, the NH-U9S is even more compact. The NH-U9S is a premium cooler in the classic 9 cm format. It has a footprint of 95 x 95 cm and an overall height of 125 mm and is therefore versatile. The strong cooling capacity is retained by both models, no compromises have to be made here.

Availability and price

Both CPU coolers are now available in Noctua’s official Amazon and eBay stores. The NH-D15S is available for 89.90 Euro and the NH-U9S for 64.90 Euro. The different anti-vibration pads are available for 6,90 Euro each.

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