Allpowers Smart Home Energy Kit: Power Station with Flexibility

With the Allpowers Smart Home Energy Kit, a new power supply solution has been launched as a project on Kickstarter. This kit consists of a power station (R3500) and matching battery packs (B3000). Depending on the composition, between 3,168 kWh and up to 101,376 kWh of electricity storage is possible here. Thanks to an output power of 3,500 watts, it should then be possible to operate even power-hungry devices within one’s own four walls. In order to become self-sufficient from the conventional power supply, the energy storage system can not only be charged via its 4,000 watts input power from the power grid. On top of that, solar charging with up to 2,000 watts is possible. We take a closer look at the energy solution for vans, motorhomes or your own four walls.

Modular design provides capacity of up to 101,376 kWh

Alternative energy storage solutions are becoming increasingly popular. The market now offers everything from compact power stations for camping, such as the Bluetti EB3A (test), to entire emergency power solutions for the home. In domestic applications, it is primarily devices with a modular design that are well received by customers. The Allpowers Smart Home Energy Kit is also based on this design. It is based on the R3500 power station. The battery capacity of the energy storage unit can be expanded as needed with the help of battery packs called B3000. You can choose between 3,168 Wh and 101,376 kWh to create your own personal energy solution.

Allpowers Smart Home Energy Kit
Image: Allpowers

While the capacity can be expanded by adding up to 15 more battery packs, you can double the output power with the help of another power station. Thus, up to 7,000 watts are possible with two Allpower R3500s, which can supply entire households. The output power of 3,500 watts is only continuous power. The power station can also provide a power of 7,000 watts temporarily. If you add a second Allpower R3500, you can then connect another 15 battery packs. In total, you get a system with two powerstations and a total of 30 battery packs, which enables the maximum capacity of 101,376 kWh.

Allpower’s Smart Home Energy Kit serves as a UPS

With its modular design, Allpowers Smart Home Energy Kit offers various application scenarios. With a high battery capacity and, at best, two power stations at once, it should reliably supply many households with power if a temporary power outage should ever occur. The uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is particularly practical. You can connect the system to your home power grid so that the Energy Kit takes over the power supply when the power fails. This way, you won’t even notice a power outage. This is a real boon, especially for appliances that are permanently on, such as the refrigerator. Since the system is permanently connected to your power grid, the batteries are usually fully charged, so even longer power outages should not be a problem.

Allpowers Smart Home Energy Kit
Image: Allpowers

But aside from that, you can also use the Allpowers Smart Home Energy Kit power station as a portable energy storage device. The detachable design of the R3500 ensures this. You can then use it for your weekend trip to the campsite, for example. Thanks to the battery capacity of 3.168 kWh, the energy storage unit is optimally equipped even for longer trips. If you need more, simply take a battery pack with you. Thanks to the output power of 3,000 watts, you can also easily operate devices such as a kettle, toaster or even a mini-fridge. The battery pack in the form of the B3000 also scores with flexibility in this regard. You can also use this conveniently as a power bank outdoors.

Allpower’s Smart Home Energy Kit Offers Solar Power

The solar capabilities of the large energy storage unit sound particularly exciting. In particular, the input power of 2000 watts is anything but typical here. This ensures that you can fully charge the battery of the large power station within 90 minutes. And that’s just with solar energy. This is made possible by a fast charging function via the XT60 port. Allpowers emphasizes its compatibility with a large number of other solar panel manufacturers. Alternatively, the manufacturer itself now also offers a range of different solar panels.

Allpowers Smart Home Energy Kit
It can also be used on the go without any problems. (Image: Allpowers)

While the flexible models are suitable for mobile use, use of the rigid versions is more suitable for home use. With a total of 14 connections, a variety of devices can be attached to the power station. Everything is possible, from connecting a compact smartphone to a hammer drill on the construction site. Due to the temporary peak power of up to 6,000 watts, even power-hungry devices probably do not cause a failure.

Allpower’s Smart Home Energy Kit comes with LiFePO4 batteries

Of course, the topic of sustainability also plays a major role in the field of power stations time and again. And it’s not just about the use of solar energy. After all, the raw materials used to manufacture battery technology are extremely rare commodities. It is therefore all the more important that an energy storage system can be used for many years. Allpowers has equipped its Energy Kit with modern battery technology in the form of LiFePO4 batteries. According to the manufacturer, these should not only last up to ten years. On top of that, experience has shown that they offer more safety than classic lithium-ion batteries. LiFePO4 batteries can withstand falls, cuts and even gunshots without burning or even exploding. According to Allpowers, the R3500’s capacity is said to remain at 80 percent after 3,500 charge cycles, which is a very good value.

The Kickstarter campaign is running

Of course, a power station in 2023 can no longer do without suitable app support. This is simply obvious with the Allpowers Smart Home Energy Kit in view of the possibility of using it as an emergency power supply. You should always be able to keep an eye on everything via your smartphone. Since the power station can connect via Bluetooth as well as WiFi, you should be able to monitor and control everything even while on the go. This all sounds quite promising, what Allpowers wants to launch. If you are interested in the power station with great expansion possibilities, you can take a look at the page of the Kickstarter campaign.

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With the Allpowers Smart Home Energy Kit, a new power supply solution has been launched as a project on Kickstarter. This kit consists of a power station (R3500) and matching battery packs (B3000). Depending on the composition, between 3,168 kWh and up to 101,376 kWh of electricity storage is possible here. Thanks to an output … (Weiterlesen...)

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