Amazon produces “Fallout” series

The popular role playing game “Fallout” is filmed. Amazon and the game’s production company, Bethesda, announced that they are working on a series set in the Fallout universe.

The announcement came in the form of a short teaser video that Bethesda shared on Twitter. Further information about the collaboration and the planned series is not yet known. It is also unclear when the series will be released, what it will be about in detail or how many episodes are planned. However, the magazine “Hollywood Reporter”, which is well known in the industry, reported that Bethesda employees Todd Howard and James Altman will be involved in the production. Howard, in particular, is probably a fan’s name: he is the company’s chief developer and represents the company externally in the game community. Furthermore, “Hollywood Reporter” wrote that Lisa Joy and Jonah Nolan, who have already produced the series “Westworld”, are in charge of the production.

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For fans of the series, this news should be very welcome, as a new game is unlikely to be released in the next few years. The last offshoot of the role-playing game series, which takes place in a post-nuclear age and scores with black humour, is considered a disappointment. “Fallout 76” is criticized among other things because of technical shortcomings and the payment system. It is possible that the new Amazon series will make it possible to forget this displeasure and fill the long wait for the next part of the game series. The reason for this waiting period is that Bethesda is currently focusing on other projects: The company is currently working on the sci-fi game “Starfield” and a Skyrim successor, “The Elder Scrolls 6”, has been announced for the time after that.

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