Android Auto Gets New Dark Design and New Interface

Google has announced that Android Auto will receive a major update in late summer that will have a new dark theme, a new notification center, and a significantly different user interface. As a contrast to the dark design of the operating system, apps and buttons are displayed in bright colors. The new overall package is intended to fit into the interior of many vehicles.

Currently, according to Google Android Auto is used in 500 models from more than 50 manufacturers. Although the operating system has been on the market for five years, widescreen monitors are not yet supported. According to Google, this shortcoming will also be corrected in the course of the update. At present, black stripes are still displayed on the sides of particularly wide displays. Due to the complete use of the display area in late summer, more information can be displayed simultaneously in the future. The competitor product Apple CarPlay has been supporting wide displays for some time now.

Automatic Music Playback

As a further comfort feature, Android Auto in the announced version automatically continues the music at the point where it was paused before when getting into the car. The navigation app is also started automatically. In addition to Google Maps, third-party applications are also supported. In order to continue to be able to control music and telephony during navigation, a new control element will be displayed below the map in the future.

The notification center known from Android smartphones will also be available in the car in the course of the update. Currently it only exists in a very simplified form on the normal start screen. In addition to telephone calls made and messages received, it also displays other important information at a glance and enables later access, for example when the driver is taking a break.

New Launcher for Compatible Apps

The apps of the connected smartphone that are compatible with Android Auto are also displayed more clearly in an independent launcher that visually resembles the smartphone interface and its arrangement. Previously, the apps had to be called up in a cumbersome way via a separate navigation element on the start screen.

According to Google, all Android Auto compatible vehicles will receive the update in late summer. Since the actual software runs on the smartphone and is only played back on the display of the cars, an update is uncomplicated.

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