Apex Legends: Solo and Duo Modes to Come

Apex Legends” has been on the market for almost a week. The Battle Royale game is very well received by the players. But there is one big point of criticism: So far only fights in teams of three are possible. A Dataminer now found serious indications of the introduction of solo and duo mode.

“Apex Legends” is regarded as a serious competitor to Fortnite and is very well received by the players. On audience records are broken, ten million downloads within a few days and the loud calls for the two now well planned new modes make it clear that the game is played, watched and discussed.

The lack of these modes is not understood by the players. Competitors naturally at least rely on a solo mode. The outcry of the masses now makes it clear that this mode is actually expected – otherwise the game cannot be played alone after all. EA has announced that they are looking for a more social gaming experience on Apex Legends. The Dataminer ShiinaBR found source code that clearly indicates that the two missing modes will follow soon. However, it is not yet known when implementation is to be expected.

ShiinaBR is mainly known for its numerous Fortnite revelations. He is well known in the scene because of his discoveries so far, so that his revelation was followed by a huge echo this time as well. The players might like the innovation.

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