EA Is Said to Have Paid Twitch-Star a Million Dollars for Apex-Legends-Stream

Apex Legends was published without prior advertising and even without much announcement. Within a very short time it became a surprise success – with more than 50 million downloads in the meantime. The many twitch streams and events in which well-known streamers played and commented on the game were particularly helpful. Now the message is circulating that EA paid one million dollars for an apexegends stream to the probably best-known twitch streamer, which operates its channel under the name “Ninja”. Other well-known streamers are also said to have been paid.

It’s not surprising. Many game developers sponsor streamers on various platforms in order to make their games known in this way. What is particularly astonishing is the large sum of money that is now in the room. The payment was neither confirmed by EA nor by Ninja. The latter has 13 million Twitch followers and is mainly known for its Fortnite streams. Since both Fortnite and Apex Legends are based on a battle royalty mode, EA could be sure to reach an interested target group.

In any case, the promotional activities appear to have been successful. Apex Legends reached a large number of players within a very short time. In addition, the game helped EA to enter the Battle Royal market, which had been missed before.

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