Apple the most valuable company in the world with 2 trillion US dollars

Yesterday, Wednesday, Apple’s market capitalization surpassed $2 trillion, a new record high and the first ever listed company to reach this level.

How did Apple achieve the market capitalization ?

Apple reached its market capitalisation when the share price exceeded the USD 467.77 mark and surpassed USD 2 trillion. Only two years ago, the Californian company had climbed to the magic mark of 1 trillion US dollars, while Microsoft, Facebook, Google and Amazon were only able to book the trillion value for themselves temporarily.

The reasons for this record value are the high expectations of Apple, which must be met if Apple is to continue to increase in value. Great hopes are being placed above all in its service business with the Apple Arcade game service, the video streaming service Apple TV Plus and the magazine service Apple News Plus. Rumour has it that Apple plans to bundle its services and market them as Apple One.

The App Store has developed into one of the most important sources of income and will continue to grow in the coming years. When Apple had to close all its individual stores in March during the peak of the Corona pandemic, the share price fell to 230 US dollars and has since recovered.

Apple iPhone and Co.

Demand for the Apple iPhone climbed during the corona crisis, and the iPad and Apple Mac were also in demand. Millions of customers around the world continue to sit in their home offices, which is why Apple’s devices and services will continue to be in demand.

The launch of the Apple iPhone 12 with 5G support is expected in October. The new smartphone could trigger a new cycle, according to analysts, because users who own an older iPhone may switch to the latest model and thus upgrade.

If the massive expectations of investors and analysts are not met, Apple’s share price could fall and it could take the company longer to reach a market value of three trillion US dollars.

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