Apple Watch loses with watchOS 7 Update Force Touch

According to an update of the Apple Human Interface Guidelines the so-called Force Touch function will be removed in the upcoming operating system version of Apple Watch. Force Touch was already introduced in 2014 with the release of the first generation of Apple Smartwatch. Up to now, the feature has made it possible to perform various actions by changing the pressure on the small display of the watch, thus opening context menus, for example. But Force Touch was also used by third parties, who simplified the operation of their apps.

This function has been replaced by additional buttons and settings that are shown directly on the display and can be called up there regardless of the pressure intensity. The Group has not yet commented on why Apple decided to make this change. The most likely reason is the low user acceptance of the unusual operation, which may have led to the fact that many “hidden” functions of the Apple Watch are hardly used at all.

3D Touch from the iPhone has also been removed for similar reasons. It is also possible, however, that Apple would like to do without the hardware for cost reasons in the sixth generation of the Smartwatch, which will be presented to the public in September, and therefore remove the feature.

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