Arctic Freezer 50: More compatibility than its predecessor

The Freezer 50 TR from Arctic has always been very popular among PC users. But the cooling solution had a crucial problem. The dual tower air cooler could only be used for AMD’s HEDT platform. If you didn’t own a processor from the Threadripper family, you couldn’t use the cooler. Now Arctic has taken up the justified criticism and reissues its freezer with more compatibility. The Arctic Freezer 50 can now also be used on mainstream platforms from Intel or AMD.

Basic structure unchanged

Despite the higher compatibility, not much has changed with Freezer 50 at first sight. This is because Arctic still relies on the basic framework of its predecessor. The lamella body with a total of 104 lamellas is composed of two radiators. All in all, this results in a weight of about 1.2 kg. Compared to the Threadripper version, the mainstream cooler has lost an impressive 500 g. One reason for the weight loss may be the slimming of the heat pipes. While the predecessor offered a total of eight tubes, the new version only needs six. Due to the lower number of tubes the base plate of the new Freezer 50 shrinks, because the heat pipes do not take up so much space anymore. This also leads to a weight loss and allows Arctic to save material.

Assembly of the fan unconventional

In contrast to the TR model, the design of the fan has not changed. Here, Arctic still relies on two fans, offering fans with 140 mm and 120 mm diameter. The functionality is also unchanged. Thus, both fans operate according to an ingenious push and pull principle. This is to ensure a synchronous speed of both fans. The new edition accommodates RAM modules up to a height of 37.5 mm. Thus the Freezer 50 offers a high degree of compatibility and cannot be compared with its limited predecessor. In total the new CPU cooler measures 148 mm x 149.5 mm x 166 mm.

Also suitable for lighting fans

If you don’t want to do without RGB lighting of the Freezer 50, you can enjoy the optional possibility of a manual ARGB controller. In total the Freezer 50 offers, like the TR model, 13 RGB LEDs, which can be controlled individually. With suitable software you can create cool lighting effects. For an additional 10 Euro you can also buy a practical external controller unit.

Price and availability

The new CPU cooler from Arctic is now available. You can buy it on the website of the manufacturer there for a RRP of 60 Euro. For 70 Euro you can get the practical controller unit for ARGB lighting right with it.

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