BLUEVER Hello X2 turns monitors into touch screens

Who does not sometimes wish to operate the display of their laptop via a touch screen? This is exactly what the BLUEVER Hello X2 kick-start campaign aims to make possible.

The function can then be used on any standard PC or laptop via MacOS and Windows, and should offer a particularly high level of user comfort.

How does BLUEVER Hello X2 work?

Once installed, the BLUEVER Hello X2 recognizes the finger movements of the user with the help of the integrated camera. This is intended to make working on a PC or laptop even more convenient and effective – also due to its impressive accuracy.

The function can then be used in connection with devices from 10 inches to 27 inches to make the selection of menu functions and the like even easier. Especially practical: the device distinguishes between simple clicks, double clicks, right clicks, swiping and other characteristic actions that are otherwise performed with the classic mouse.

Since the BLUEVER Hello X2 is attached directly to the PC or laptop, it naturally takes up no space on the desk and can thus be integrated perfectly into smaller working environments.

More details about BLUEVER Hello X2 in the overview

Among other things, the manufacturers of BLUEVER Hello X2 attached great importance to high accuracy and uncomplicated operation. For this reason, BLUEVER Hello X2 can also be operated with special pens or cleaning gloves, among other things.

Among other things, this product is likely to be used primarily:

  • Gamer
  • Designer
  • Vlogger and Blogger


An exciting campaign, which seven days before its end already convinced more than 1,400 supporters and raised more than 114,000 euros. From 69 US dollars, you can get the device as a supporter on Kickstarter. Delivery is scheduled for October 2020.

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