CES: Belkin and Devialet show Hi-Fi Smart Speaker with wireless charger

At this year’s CES, Belkin will present a new Smart Speaker, which was developed in cooperation with audio specialist Devialet. The device supports Google’s speech assistant and is equipped with a Qi charging pad.

Belkin is not the first company to rely on Devialet’s expertise. Huawei has already worked successfully with the audio specialist – the smart speaker “Sound X” has emerged from this cooperation.

The device now being developed should ultimately stand out by combining hi-fi audio with Google’s voice assistant and the ability to charge smartphones via an integrated Qi charging pad. Belkin has not yet released more detailed information on the new smart speaker. Neither the press release nor the product page contains any information about the hardware installed. All that is known so far is that the Speaker Active Matching technology and the architecture of the woofer come directly from Devialet. It is also known that the Qi charging pad is supposed to be able to charge smartphones with up to ten watts.

Visually, the device hardly differs from other smart speakers. The loudspeaker is more or less round, covered with fabric and overall rather unobtrusive. As expected, the charging pad is located on the upper side, where there is accordingly a storage surface for the smartphone to be charged. Buttons for controlling volume and playback are also found on the upper side. The loudspeaker should be available in black and white from February. The called price is at 299 US dollars.

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