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Dreame L10s Pro Ultra Heat Test: The price is hot!

For years, the S series from Roborock was considered the undisputed leader when it came to powerful and smart robot hoovers. Although the model series is still one of the best on the market, it is well known that the competition never sleeps. With the Dreame L20 Ultra at the latest, Roborock has got a lot of competition. After all, the flagship model has set completely new standards in terms of cleaning performance, mopping features and ease of use. However, it also comes at a price. If you don’t want to spend that much money, you should take a look at the L10s Pro Ultra Heat. Although it costs significantly less than the L20 Ultra, it still offers some of the high-end features of the top model. In our Dreame L10s Pro Ultra Heat test, we want to find out whether this is a real price-performance hit or whether Dreame is making false promises.

Comparison with Dreame L10s Ultra and L20 Ultra

For some people, Dreame’s type designation may sometimes cause confusion. This is particularly the case with the Dreame L10s Pro Ultra Heat, as the L10s Ultra already has a company brother with almost the same name. We have listed the differences between the flagship Dreame L20 Ultra, Dreame L10s Ultra and the new Dreame L10s Pro Ultra Heat in a table. In doing so, we have gone into what we consider to be the most important parameters.

Functions Dreame L20 Ultra Dreame L10s Ultra Dreame L10s Pro Ultra
Suction power 7.000 Pascal 5.300 Pascal 7.000 Pascal
Navigation LiDAR LiDAR LiDAR
Object recognition AI 3D structured light AI 3D structured light AI 3D structured light
Front light Yes Yes No
Battery capacity 6.400 mAh 5.200 mAh 5.200 mAh
MopExtend Yes No Yes
Main brush Solid rubber Solid rubber Solid rubber
Liftable mops Yes Yes Yes
Mops removable Yes No No
Self-cleaning with hot water (58°C) No No Yes

A glance at the table makes it clear that the Dreame L10s Pro Ultra is clearly positioned between the L10s Ultra and the L20 Ultra. The suction power has been significantly increased compared to the L10s Ultra. Dreame has also given the new addition MopExtend, an exciting and extremely helpful feature of the L20 Ultra. Another highlight that neither the L10s Ultra nor the L20 Ultra had to offer is hot water cleaning in the base station. Conversely, unlike the L10s Ultra and L20 Ultra, the L10s Pro Ultra no longer offers a front light.

dreame l10s pro ultra heat test

We will investigate whether this results in poorer object recognition in the test. In contrast to the L10s Pro Ultra, the L20 Ultra also comes with a larger battery and removable wiping pads. All in all, it can be said that the L10s Pro Ultra has, at least on paper, cherry-picked what the L20 Ultra had to offer. Deletions such as the LED front light, on the other hand, are aimed at keeping the price as low as possible. Hot water cleaning, on the other hand, is a welcome upgrade that should ensure more hygiene during cleaning.

Scope of delivery

dreame l10s pro ultra heat test

  • Dreame L10s Pro Ultra Heat robot vacuum
  • Base station
  • Ramp for base station
  • Cleaning tool
  • Side brush
  • Power cord
  • 2x dust bag
  • 2x mop pads
  • Cleaning solution
  • Filter
  • Instruction manual

Dreame L10s Pro Ultra Heat Test: The first impression

The Dreame L10s Pro Ultra Heat looks very similar to the L10s Ultra(test). This also means that it is a smart household helper with a lot of features in a comparatively small space. This becomes particularly clear when you take a look at the L20 Ultra(test) for comparison. Dreame’s flagship model comes with a rather enormous base station measuring 61 x 43 x 48 cm. In contrast, the Dreame L10s Pro Ultra Heat is much more compact at 59 x 34 x 43 cm. Of course, it cannot compete with the mini dimensions of a Yeedi Cube(test), but many users will certainly be happy to accept this in view of the significantly larger features.

dreame l10s pro ultra heat test

To minimize the risk of confusion with the L10s Ultra, Dreame has changed the colour of the front of the base station. On the L10s Pro Ultra Heat, this shines in gold and no longer in silver. This bright gold is reminiscent of the L20 Ultra, which once again underlines the fact that the smart household helper is a hybrid of the two models. In terms of design, Dreame remains true to the design language of the L10s Ultra. The manufacturer has opted for rounded corners and a very slim design for the housing. The robot hoover itself, on the other hand, is immediately recognizable as such.

dreame l10s pro ultra heat test

Dreame uses the usual circular design. The LiDAR sensor, rudimentary control buttons and the maintenance flap are located on the top. The latter can be folded up using two hinges. This is a difference to the L20 Ultra, which in turn relies on a cover plate that is held in place by a magnet. What you like better is of course a matter of taste. Personally, I prefer the classic solution with hinges. You can then access the dust container via the maintenance flap. The view of the top of the vacuum cleaner is rounded off with a stylish company logo.

dreame l10s pro ultra heat test

The technology for object detection is located on the front of the L10s Pro Ultra Heat. There is also a bumper here to prevent damage to furniture in the event of a collision. The view of the underside is pleasing. Finally, Dreame has once again opted for a main brush that is made entirely of rubber. Pet owners in particular will be pleased about this. After all, hair cannot get tangled up in the brush in the first place. This makes maintenance much easier! A side brush and the two rotating mops, which hold magnetically, are also located on the underside.

Dreame L10s Pro Ultra Heat test: Base station with new features

As we have already clarified, the base station only differs visually in the color of the front flap. Under this is the dust bag, which holds 3.2 liters and only needs to be replaced every 75 days. A look under the flap on the top reveals the two water tanks. While the fresh water tank holds 4.5 liters, the dirty water tank holds 4 liters. But even if the base station clearly looks like that of the L10s Ultra, it offers a decisive new feature that neither the L20 Ultra nor the L10s Ultra can boast.

dreame l10s pro ultra heat test

This is where the nickname “Heat” comes into play. The mop pads are not just rinsed with plain water. Instead, the L10s Pro Ultra Heat uses 58°C hot water. This not only ensures more effective cleaning. On top of that, it is also a clear way of fighting bacteria and other hygiene-related dirt. However, it is a pity that the mop pads on the round mop surfaces cannot be removed from the base station.

dreame l10s pro ultra heat test

This feature would have made cleaning carpets much easier with the L20 Ultra. All in all, both the robot hoover and the base station have a great visual appearance. This is mainly due to the attractive matt white housing, which skillfully prevents fingerprints and feels very good to the touch. In general, both the robot hoover and the base station offer the outstanding build quality that we have come to expect from Dreame’s smart household helpers.

Dreame L10s Pro Ultra Heat test: Navigation with LiDAR

The small LiDAR tower on the top of the robot hoover is the linchpin of the Dreame L10s Pro Ultra Heat’s navigation system. Underneath it is a rotating laser sensor that precisely measures your room. Dreame itself doesn’t just call it LiDAR, but Pathfinder Smart Navigation Technology. This should make it clear that the smart household helper always knows exactly where it is in your home. The big advantage of LiDAR is not just the speed and accuracy of mapping rooms. On top of that, the technology is able to recognize the surroundings perfectly, even in complete darkness. In the test, it quickly became clear that the L10s Pro Ultra Heat also works perfectly with LiDAR.

dreame l10s pro ultra heat test

At no point did the robot vacuum seem disoriented, but instead moved quickly and systematically around the room. It used parallel paths, which it followed purposefully through my living room. The smart household helper even drove under flat furniture without any problems. The only requirement is that the furniture is a little higher than it is. Minimal problems occur when the appliance is confronted with several obstacles such as chair legs. It can take a little while for it to free itself from an awkward situation. However, this is still a common problem even in the flagship segment. In any case, the Dreame L10s Pro Ultra Heat didn’t get stuck once in the test. Should this nevertheless happen, the device stops the ride in good time and issues a corresponding problem message to the user.

Dreame L10s Pro Ultra Heat test: object recognition with AI action

Very few robotic vacuum cleaners on the market currently offer good object recognition. In my opinion, Dreame’s AI-Action 3D Structured Light is the best technology currently available in the field of robot hoovers. The Chinese manufacturer not only equips its high-priced L20 Ultra, but also the significantly cheaper L10s Pro Ultra Heat with camera-based technology supported by artificial intelligence. A camera at the front detects obstacles and ensures that the robot hoover avoids them and prevents collisions from occurring in the first place. The AI in particular should pay off here.

dreame l10s pro ultra test

After all, the smart household helper should learn over time and be able to remember where small obstacles might be. This should be particularly helpful with treacherous flat objects such as shoelaces or cables. I was pleasantly surprised in the test. Books, magazines, Lego bricks and shoes were reliably recognized and avoided. A shoelace was overlooked, but this happened just as well with the L20 Ultra or a Roborock S8 Pro Ultra(test).

Small objects are skillfully avoided

It is possible that the AI can provide a significant improvement here over time. I can only give you the tip of clearing obstacles that are as flat as possible out of the way before you send the L10s Pro Ultra Heat on a cleaning tour. It may not cause any damage, but moving around flat obstacles simply takes more time than when the smart household helper can follow its usual parallel path through the room. It remains to be said that Dreame can defend its good reputation here too.

Dreame L10s Pro Ultra Heat Test: Commissioning

Even for non-experts, installing the L10s Pro Ultra Heat is child’s play. This is mainly due to the fact that the smart household helper is almost completely assembled at the factory. Once you have found the right place to set it up, all you have to do is plug the power supply unit into the appropriate socket, fill the fresh water tank and install the cleaning solution. You should then pick up your smartphone and download the Dreame Home app. This will then guide you step by step through the setup process. The focus here is on integration into the home network. Then it’s time for the smart household helper’s maiden voyage.

During its first journey, the L10s Pro Ultra Heat first maps your premises. This can take a few minutes. To speed up the process, the vacuum cleaner does not clean at this stage. After mapping, you can take a look at the floor plan of your home in the app. The app itself divides your home into individual rooms. This should make it easier to clean individual areas. In my case, the subdivision worked well. If you make mistakes due to an exotic floor plan or other reasons, you can also adjust the subdivision in the map afterwards. There is also a 3D map where you can add furniture, for example. In my opinion, this is nothing more than a gimmick, but having is better than needing.

In the map you will also see that carpets are recognized and noted in the floor plan. This is important for later cleaning. It would go beyond the scope of this article to list all of the app’s setting options individually. It should be important for you to know that you can adjust pretty much every parameter here, no matter how small. This also includes important settings such as the definition of no-go zones or invisible walls. Of course, the suction power and water flow rate can also be adjusted. Despite the many setting options, you never lose track of things. Dreame offers a very good overview in its app.

Important cleaning settings

Even if fans of detailed setting options can let off steam in the app, the cleaning settings themselves are of course still the most important. You can activate certain zones, rooms or your entire home for cleaning. You can choose between a total of four different cleaning modes. I personally found the ‘mop after vacuuming’ mode extremely helpful. It doesn’t vacuum and mop at the same time. Instead, the smart household helper first vacuums the entire surface and then mops it.

Of course, you can also adjust the suction power and mopping intensity for each individual room. Schedules are a typical, but still extremely practical feature. Here you can set the time at which your robot hoover should start a cleaning tour. This is particularly helpful if you don’t want to be disturbed by your smart household helper. You can simply set it to clean your home every day when you are at work.

After work, you return to a clean apartment. Another interesting feature in this area is the so-called “CleanGenius”. Here, dirt sensors work together with artificial intelligence to determine the best way to clean your home. For example, the vacuum cleaner remembers where you particularly like to spill and cleans this area more intensively from the outset. However, this feature is optional and of course not a must. But it’s always exciting.

Moving surveillance camera

The L10s Pro Ultra Heat owes its excellent object recognition to the camera technology located in the front. As a small feature, the robot hoover also offers you the option of using it as a kind of moving surveillance camera. So you can always keep an eye on your home, even when you’re on the move. The cool thing is that the robot hoover can be maneuvered around your home like a remote-controlled car. Even when you’re on vacation.

The whole thing is a little more convenient if you simply tap a point on the map where you want the robot to go. This gives you a unique overview of your home and allows you to sleep peacefully away from home. To eliminate privacy concerns from other people in your home, the smart household helper lets its surroundings know when it is in ‘camera mode’. So you don’t have to worry about that.

Voice assistant

Nowadays, those who like it particularly convenient rely on the support of voice assistants. If this is also the case for you, you will certainly be pleased with the compatibility of the Dreame L10s Pro Ultra Heat. It gets on well with the big names in the industry. Whether Amazon Alexa, Google Home or Apple HomeKit aka Siri. The smart household helper can be easily controlled via your voice and integrated into the respective smart home ecosystems.

Dreame L10s Pro Ultra Heat test: suction power

A look at the data sheet of the L10s Pro Ultra Heat reveals some improvements over the L10s Ultra. We have already clarified this at the beginning. One major improvement concerns the suction power of the smart household helper. It offers an impressive 7,000 pascals and is therefore on a par with the L20 Ultra. In comparison, the L10s Ultra with “only” 5,300 Pascal seems downright weak on the chest. And that’s not all. Even a high-end model in the form of the Roborock S8 Pro Ultra is a lot weaker at 6,000 Pascal. You may not feel the extra suction power on hard floors. After all, lower Pascal values are sufficient for parquet, tiles, vinyl and the like.

But where you really notice a difference is when cleaning carpets. The L10s Pro Ultra Heat removes a lot of dirt even from carpets with a slightly longer pile. This is at least the case if you select the Turbo suction level. This offers the full 7,000 pascals. Apart from this, there are three other levels in the form of Quiet, Standard and Powerful. In the test, the standard level was completely sufficient for me. However, if you prefer to tickle out the full power, you should be aware of the volume that 7,000 Pascal causes. All that remains for me to say is that the L10s Pro Ultra Heat delivers outstanding suction power.

Dreame L10s Pro Ultra Heat test: mopping performance

The Dreame L10s Pro Ultra Heat offers excellent suction power. However, as the robot vacuum market has many high performers to offer in this area anyway, this should not take up too much space in the test report. Much more exciting is the question of the quality of the mopping function. After all, many other models have a lot of catching up to do in this discipline. Although almost every robot hoover now offers a suitable mopping unit, the cleaning results after wet cleaning are sometimes worlds apart. Let’s take a look at what the L10s Pro Ultra Heat has to offer.

Two mops for one hallelujah

A look at the underside reveals that Dreame once again relies on two rotating mops. Experience has shown that these provide a very thorough cleaning result. This is also the case with the L10s Pro Ultra Heat.

dreame l10s pro ultra heat test

The smart household helper can even skillfully wipe away dried-on stains from the floor. This is not only due to the fact that the two circular wiping surfaces rotate continuously. The vacuum cleaner also exerts pressure on the wiping pads, which skillfully removes even stubborn dirt.

MopExtend as an exciting feature

Regardless of whether a robotic vacuum cleaner relies on one mopping surface or two rotating mops, both types of appliance share an Achilles heel. There is always an uncleaned area at the edge of the room that the mopping unit simply cannot reach. To solve this problem, Dreame has developed the MopExtend technology.

Here, a mop is simply extended to reach difficult areas such as the area around skirting boards. I am really pleasantly surprised that Dreame has incorporated this latest feature from the L20 Ultra directly into the L10s Pro Ultra Heat. In the test, MopExtend worked extremely reliably. It is based on several sensors that scan the room for edges.

dreame l10s pro ultra heat test

If the smart household helper is close to an edge, the mop is quickly extended to ensure comprehensive cleaning. With this revolutionary technology, Dreame has succeeded in solving a major problem with conventional robot hoovers. I wouldn’t be surprised if we soon get to admire them under a different name from the competition.

Mops are not removable

The L10s Pro Ultra Heat therefore offers many of the features of the significantly more expensive L20 Ultra. But of course Dreame is not simply selling its flagship under a different name at a lower price. So there are also things that the newcomer doesn’t have to offer. Unfortunately, there is no option to automatically remove the mops. A look at the L20 Ultra in practice reveals just how practical this is. Imagine your home has only hard floors apart from two carpeted floors. In the standard setting, the L20 Ultra first sweeps all hard floors, vacuuming and mopping them in the process. Once this is finished, it returns to the base station and cleans more than just the mops.

dreame l10s pro ultra heat test
You can access the vacuum cleaner bag and detergent compartment via the flap on the front of the base

What’s more, they can be removed from there without further ado. The advantage is obvious. Even long-pile carpets don’t get wet, as there are simply no more mop pads on the underside. An ingenious idea that is not used in the L10s Pro Ultra Heat. Of course, this does not mean that carpet owners have to worry that their carpets will inevitably get wet when they use the L10s Pro Ultra Heat. Instead, you can make settings here to determine how the smart household helper should proceed with carpets. There are a total of four different settings.

As the mop tray is removable, it is easy to clean

On the one hand, it can lift its mopping surfaces by 10.5 mm and then vacuum your carpet. This ensures that carpets with a short pile stay dry. You can also set it to avoid carpets altogether. You should do this for very delicate carpets that must never get wet. There are also special suction settings for carpets. With the automatic suction boost setting, the vacuum cleaner automatically increases its suction power to get every last speck of dust. Intensive carpet cleaning, on the other hand, relies on vacuuming twice with reduced power.

Ease of use and maintenance

A cleaning station offers a huge advantage, especially when it comes to ease of use. This is also the case with the Dreame L10s Pro Ultra Heat. After all, the base station comes with extensive automation features that only require your assistance. The station empties the robot hoover’s dust container after every successful cleaning tour. The debris then ends up in the dust bag of the base station, which only needs to be replaced with a new one every 75 days or so. Personally, I am not a fan of the dust bag inside the base station. After all, this not only means follow-up costs for the user, but also additional waste. I would find it better if the bags were optional. Because there is no question that they offer a great advantage, especially for allergy sufferers.

Vacuum cleaners with a suction station such as a Tineco Pure One Station(test) already show that it can also work without a bag. Furthermore, the two mops are automatically washed properly in the base. This is the case during and after cleaning. So you don’t have to worry about the dirt simply remaining on the mops and being carried from A to B. Instead, they always arrive freshly cleaned. Instead, they are always used freshly cleaned. Even 58°C hot water is used. Not even the L20 Ultra can offer that.

You can refill the optional cleaning agent in the small gray container

Once the cleaning process is complete and the mops have been cleaned with water, they are dried with hot air at 45°C to prevent the formation of unpleasant odors and bacteria. At regular intervals, you must fill the fresh water tank with new water and empty the dirty water tank again. The base automatically adds the cleaning fluid, which is included in the scope of delivery, to the mop water. If you don’t want to do anything else, the L10s Pro Ultra Heat can even be connected to a fixed water and waste water connection using a suitable installation kit. Then you don’t even have to keep an eye on the water tanks.


Wow! Dreame has succeeded in creating a hot piece of household technology with the L10s Pro Ultra Heat. The expert for smart household helpers combines the compact design of the L10s Ultra with some of the exciting features of the L20 Ultra. Not only does the robot vacuum come with an impressive 7,000 Pascal suction power, it also offers MopExtend, one of the most exciting innovations of the L20 Ultra. And that’s not all. With its hot water cleaning, it is even one step ahead of the flagship L20 Ultra in one discipline. All this results in outstanding suction and mopping results.

The lack of detachable mops and the absence of a front light are forgivable. Obstacle detection also works really well. These features at a price of less than 1,000 euros are really impressive. If you are thinking of buying an L20 Ultra, we recommend that you also take a closer look at the L10s Pro Ultra Heat as a significantly cheaper and only slightly inferior alternative. For all those for whom the base of the L20 Ultra is too large, the L10s Pro Ultra Heat is even the better alternative. From January 31, 2024, you can buy the powerful smart household helper at a price of 999.00 euros.

Dreame L10s Pro Ultra Heat

Workmanship & design
Suction power
Wiping performance
Value for money


The Dreame L10s Pro Ultra is an almost perfect robot vacuum cleaner with a feature-rich cleaning station. There is currently nothing better in the 1,000 euro price range.

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