“Charged!” – Reviving 90s RC Car Nostalgia in the World of Video Games

In an era where the world of video games is dominated by modern technology and realistic graphics, there is one game that brings back the glorious nostalgia of the 90s. “Charged!” by ThreeDee is a tribute to a time when remote-controlled cars shone in breathtaking commercials and launched fireworks at their rivals. With this game, the magic of that bygone era is brought back into the world of video games, igniting the hearts of gamers once more.

High-Octane Battles from the Perspective of Miniature Vehicles

“Charged!” offers a unique gaming experience where you dive into high-octane, team-based battles from the perspective of miniature vehicles. You step into the shoes of a pilot who controls modified RC cars, helicopters, and airplanes equipped with unique weapon systems and gadgets. These miniature warriors engage in breathtaking skirmishes in a meticulously designed world, down to the smallest detail.

The Interview with Max Steinke – A Peek into Development

To learn more about the background and development of “Charged!”, we recommend watching the insightful interview with Max Steinke, the Product Manager at ThreeDee. In this interview, he provides deep insights into the game’s creation and talks about the inspirational force drawn from 90s RC car commercials. Max Steinke’s enthusiasm for the project is contagious and further stokes anticipation for the game. You can find the full interview here:

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A Competitive, Class-Based Third-Person/Vehicle Shooter

“Charged!” is much more than a nostalgia trip. It is a competitive, class-based third-person/vehicle shooter that ingeniously combines the controls of racing games and shooters. The unique control scheme for vehicles and weapon systems gives the game a dynamic edge that sets it apart from others in these genres. Here, it’s not just about lightning-fast reflexes but also about strategic thinking and effective teamwork.

Charting Success Together with the Community

The developers of “Charged!” rely on the support of the community to ensure the game’s success. They ask fans to add the game to their wishlists on Steam. This is a crucial step to garner attention for the game and ensure it receives the recognition it deserves.

A Fascinating Gaming Experience

“Charged!” offers a captivating and one-of-a-kind gaming experience that transplants the best aspects of 90s RC car culture into the world of video games. It’s a successful blend of action, strategy, and nostalgia that will excite gamers of all kinds. Dive into the world of “Charged!” and relive the thrilling RC car battles of the 90s. Get ready for a gaming experience that skillfully bridges the past and present in an exciting way.

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