Duplex on the Web: Google Assistant Automates Tasks on the Internet

At the current developer conference I/O 2019, Google showed a combination of the voice robot technology Duplex and the Google Assistant, which under the name “Google Duplex on the Web” should help to automate tasks on the Internet.

During the event, the functionality was demonstrated using a rental car booking where the Google Assistant was asked to book a rental car during a holiday. The AI then called up the holiday period using the Google calendar and then searched for an offer on the website of the US provider National. The necessary data such as the time period and pick-up location of the vehicle were automatically entered on the provider’s website. The user only has to confirm the selection of Duplex for the Web in the last step and can therefore book the rental car with just one click.

Duplex for the Web will be released this year as a new Google Assistant feature.

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