Self-developments: Google Announces Stadia Games Studio

Google recently presented its cloud gaming service Stadia at the Games Developers Conference (GDC 2019), which is expected to be available in the first regions by 2019.

As part of its expansion into the growing gaming market, the Group has also announced that its newly established in-house Stadia Games Studio will develop exclusive titles for the cloud platform in the future. Stadia Games, whose umbrella brand includes several first-party studios, is managed by Jade Raymond. Raymond has previously worked for Sony as a programmer and Ubisoft as a manager, bringing with her a wealth of gaming experience that Google has largely lacked.

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In addition to its own developments, Stadia Games will also improve cooperation with other studios by helping to make games from external studios compatible with Stadia.

How many Google games can be expected in the future is not yet clear from the presentation. No information was given about concrete titles that are already being worked on or details of how many developers Google has been able to win over so far. It is possible that in the future Google will take over more established studios in order to quickly expand the new area. At the beginning of 2018, the first rumors about a takeover of the industry giant Electronic Arts by Google were already circulating.

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