Google Maps with Incognito Mode in the Future

At the Google I/O 2019 developer conference, Google announced that Google Maps will receive an incognito mode in the future, the activation of which deactivates the recording of data in a similar way to the Chrome browser.

After the user has activated the incognito mode, no more personal data will be stored by Google. In Google Maps, this includes, for example, the places searched for, the navigation and places visited.

Because there was no incognito mode until now, users could only prevent their data from being recorded if they had completely disabled location history in Google Preferences. The new incognito mode significantly simplifies privacy protection by eliminating the need to search for the hidden deactivation of location history in the options.

In addition, the Google search app for smartphones is to be put into an incognito mode, which will prevent search queries from being stored in the Google account. The data protection settings will also soon be easier to find and offer a better overview. For this purpose, a short code is to be introduced which opens the data protection settings directly when clicking on the profile picture in Chrome, the Assistant, Youtube, News and Maps and other apps.

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