EOS R5 and R6: Canon brings new mirrorless full format cameras

The camera experts at Canon are finally ready to live up to their reputation. Instead of chasing the competition, they want to create reference products with their new products in the EOS range. The focus here is primarily on the new top model EOS R5. For those who are prepared to accept a little less performance and want to benefit from a much better price instead, Canon will launch the EOS R6.

Missing market entry

Canon already tried in vain to gain a foothold in the market of mirrorless full format cameras. However, the manufacturer failed miserably so far. With the EOS R, the Japanese camera manufacturer launched its first product in this segment. Although it was very popular, it was not able to score points among experts. This was primarily because the EOS R, unlike the competition from other manufacturers, had nothing new to offer. Innovations were sought in vain. The reason for this was probably the manufacturer’s focus on an attractive price-performance ratio.

A new start

With the new EOS R5 and R6 models, Canon is clearly aiming at the premium segment. The ambitions are clearly visible. In addition to a full format sensor with a proud 45 MP, which comes with a reliable image stabilizer, the top model should make it possible to shoot video at 8K and without annoying crop. It also supports internal recording in 8K with almost 30 FPS. If 4K is enough for you, you can even enjoy almost 120 FPS and HDR.

Convincing not only in the video area

In addition to the amazing features in the video sector, the EOS R5 should also be able to convince in other disciplines. Canon gives its top model a continuous shooting mode that shoots 12 frames per second. With electronic shutter, the EOS R5 even makes 20 frames per second possible. Of course, the model is of particular importance for professional photographers. So that it can be used reliably in all weathers, it is also protected against wind, weather and dust. Professionals will also be pleased with the two card slots. (CFexpress and SD UHS-II).

In the new premium model, Canon has installed a 0.5-inch OLED viewfinder. In addition, it has an LCD display for assistance, which is flexible and measures 3.2 inches. The new EOS R5 can also convince wirelessly. Besides supporting WLAN in 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz, the full-format camera also offers Bluetooth. If that’s not enough for you, you have the option of a wireless transmitter with Ethernet support.

Battery seems relatively weak

If you take a look at the specs of the new flagship camera, the battery catches the eye a bit negatively. Especially the battery life won’t exactly please persistent photographers. With the LCD turned on, only 320 pictures should be possible. As a result, you won’t be able to avoid using the viewfinder alone when the battery charge is low. However, this also increases the performance of the battery to only 330 shots. This is particularly serious when operating at 120 Hz. Here, only 220 shots are possible. Fortunately, Canon offers an optional battery handle. The BG-R10 should be able to double the battery life of the EOS R5.

The cheaper alternative

If you do not need the reference product, perhaps the somewhat cheaper sibling product will suffice. The EOS R6 still offers decent performance with its 20.1 MP full frame sensor. It’s especially pleasing that, apart from the weaker sensor, almost all other specs are identical to the EOS R5. So the R6 offers the same continuous shooting capabilities and the same image stabilizer. Furthermore, it has the same battery as the more expensive alternative. The same applies to the viewfinder and LCD.

However, photographers who can’t do without 8K should keep their hands off the EOS R6. It simply doesn’t support high-end resolution. The EOS R6 also comes up trumps in the 4K range. WLAN support is also somewhat limited in the cheaper model. Here “only” 2.4 GHz is supported. Aside from similarities in the technical area, the R6 also offers reliable protection against weather and dust.

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New lenses

The two full-format cameras were not the only new products Canon introduced. The Japanese are also launching four new lenses. In addition to the RF100-500mm F4.5-7.1 L IS USM, the RF600mm F11 IS STM, the RF85mm F2 MACRO IS STM and the RF 800mm F11 IS STM will be launched.

Price and market launch

It should be ready by the end of July. Photo enthusiasts can then get their hands on the new full-format cameras from Canon. However, those interested should also bring along a correspondingly large wallet. The EOS R5 is supposed to come on the market at a price of 4385 Euro. By choosing the EOS R6 you save a lot of money in comparison. The cheap alternative is said to cost 2600 Euro.

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