EU plans its own satellite Internet

The EU is considering launching its own satellite Internet in order to be able to ensure nationwide and secure Internet coverage in all states of the European Union. Exploring the possibilities will cost 7.1 million euros.

Enabling Internet access everywhere

With the new project, the European Union wants to create a way to provide both individuals and businesses with high-speed Internet anywhere within the EU. White spots in coverage that currently still exist in many member states should thus be eradicated. However, it is not yet clear whether the project will be implemented. The feasibility study now commissioned, in which numerous European satellite manufacturers and operators are involved, is initially only intended to evaluate the extent to which such a project is feasible. Should it come to fruition, it would be the EU’s third major space project after the Copernicus Earth observation program and the GPS alternative Galileo, which is currently under development.

Strengthening critical infrastructure

The extent to which such a satellite Internet can contribute to strengthening the critical infrastructure in the EU will also be explored. Specifically, for example, the connection of satellite Internet with terrestrial networks, the strengthening of the 5G system and the interoperability of different communication systems will be examined.

André-Hubert Roussel, head of Ariadne Group, which is involved in the study, stressed the urgency of implementing the project if the field is not to be left to private companies. He pointed out that SpaceX already has a clear lead in establishing a satellite network and can only catch up if its own project is started quickly.

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