Excellent idea – Vivo develops removable smartphone camera for remote control

The Chinese manufacturer Vivo came up with a great idea, a camera that can be detached from the smartphone and has a remote control.

Reddot winner

The pop-up camera developed by Vivo was implemented in the IFEA project. The camera moves out of the top of the smartphone and can then be removed and placed on the table, for example, for a better shot. The camera is then simply controlled via an app on the smartphone. The camera developed by Vivo has now also been awarded by Reddot in the category for outstanding product design.

Alarm function and protection

Background for the development of the camera was, that you can film something from a different perspective. The pop-up camera can also be easily attached to the dog’s collar to take pictures from his perspective. Or you can take the camera off for a group photo and there is no one missing on the picture. So that the camera is not lost, Vivo has of course come up with something. With the matching app, an anti-lost alarm was also set up. The small camera module should be waterproof and magnetically attached to the smartphone. With the alarm in the app, it will certainly not get lost. It is still unknown how long the camera’s battery life will last from the detached smartphone. Unfortunately, the further technical details of the IFEA project remain open.


The “IFEA” is a concept phone that is not yet available. Due to the fact that new technological developments such as the under-screen camera will be on the market from 2021, it cannot be said whether Vivo will be launched with IFEA at all.

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