Facebook bans ads that question the US election process and its results!

In order to counter the influence of the U.S. presidential election, the Facebook group now bans ads that question the result and the election process.

Ban for Facebook and Instagram

The ban applies immediately to Facebook and also to the photo and video service Instagram. This was published directly after the TV duel between US President Donald Trump and Joe Biden. Trump also claimed here that the upcoming elections can be manipulated. From November 3 onwards, Facebook will no longer accept political ads from Facebook, as there is not enough time before the elections to check them, said Facebook employee Rob Leathern.

This means that no more ads can be placed that, for example, claim it is pointless to participate in the election. It is also not permitted to question the legitimacy of the elections. This includes all allegations concerning the results or writing the results would be available. This would then be evidence of incorrect procedures in the elections. Furthermore, no announcements about an early result may be made.

This is to serve not to mislead the voters with alleged statements about double votes or votes without voting rights. Also, advertisements in which the election day and the process is described as not compatible with the constitution are not accepted by Facebook. Claims that going to the polls is harmful to health are also covered by the new policy.

New guidelines against violence

To all this, it also became known yesterday that Facebook has deleted more than 6,500 groups and pages. These were probably connected with violent movements and the conspiracy ideology QAnon. Facebook is thus implementing its new guidelines. Groups and pages where possible violence in real life is discussed are no longer tolerated by Facebook.

Mark Zuckerberg expressed his concerns regarding the Corona crisis. Significantly more postal voters are expected and this will delay the counting of the election results. This in turn could lead to unrest among the population.

For users in the Americas, an information center is available for the election. All official news and results will be announced here. Every user can also remove election advertisements from his newsfeed.

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