Facebook Portal: Smart-Display comes to Europe

Watching videos with Facebook friends, making video calls via Facebook, listening to music together with friends – Facebook’s “Portal” device has made this possible in the USA since last autumn. The smart display, which offers all these functions, is also equipped with Amazon’s language assistant Alexa. Now it’s coming to Europe too.

The catch: Hardly anyone is interested in this display. It’s flopped in the US. In Germany, where privacy is much more strongly desired, the chances of success are even more minimal. However, Facebook does not allow itself to be put off by this and proudly announces that it wants to couple the service with WhatsApp. In future, video calls will not only be possible via mobile phone, but also via the portal display. The Group also promises privacy.

In the USA, the smart display is available with a screen diagonal of 10.1 inches and one of 15.6 inches. Which sizes are offered in Europe is not yet known. The prices have also not yet been announced.

Simon Lüthje

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