Facebook Gaming: License agreement facilitates streaming

Streamers who rely on Facebook Gaming can now integrate carefree music into their streams. The reason for this is a new license agreement that the social network has concluded with Universal Music, Warner Music and Sony Music Entertainment, among others.

Easy work for streamers

Copyrighted music has always made life difficult for streamers. This was also the case with the provider Facebook Gaming. After all, if the music was illegally integrated, there was the threat of a strike or, in the worst case, even a costly warning. Now streamers can breathe a sigh of relief. A licensing agreement between Facebook and a number of the world’s largest record labels now makes their lives much easier.

Comprehensive license agreement

Facebook covers not only one genre with its license agreement. It is rather an extremely comprehensive agreement. Starting with old classics from the 80s, current hip hop, pop and chart hits are also included. Unfortunately, so far only the partners of Facebook Gaming have benefited from the wide-ranging license agreement. But soon also level-up creators should be able to profit from the licensed music.

Regional differences are possible

It is questionable whether GEMA in this country is involved in the licensing agreement. Finally, Facebook clearly points out that there can be different agreements depending on the region. This is not surprising. Music rights have always been a very complex construct. It therefore remains to be seen to what extent European streamers will also benefit from the license agreement.

Not all streams are covered

Furthermore, the license agreement only refers to live streams and the corresponding videos, which will be made available on demand afterwards. The agreement explicitly does not apply to edited videos that are uploaded as finished work at a later date. According to Facebook, the concluded agreement will be valid in 90 countries.

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