Facebook: Screensharing in Messenger on iOS and Android

Facebook is introducing a new feature in its Messenger service: From now on, it is possible to share your own screen with communication partners under iOS as well as under Android. This is particularly advantageous from a technical point of view and is explained by Facebook with the increased demand for messenger functions due to the pandemic.

So far, screen sharing functions are more familiar from services aimed at professional users. Facebook is now following suit and, according to its own statements, does not want to install any restrictions: The new function allows users to share all content displayed on their own device without exception. The screensharing mode can be called up by simply wiping from top to bottom. Previously, it was necessary to create and send a screenshot to share your own screen content via Messenger – this is no longer necessary. But if you want to use the new function, you first have to update your system. It is not automatically installed. In the desktop version of the Messenger, the screen sharing function has been available for some time now.

Facebook is using it again and is upgrading its Messenger, which started as a pure chat service. Calls have been possible via Messenger for several years now, and video chats have also been available for some time. Now the US company is once again increasing its attractiveness and user-friendliness. The current pandemic can possibly actually be seen here as an accelerator of planned or at least considered measures.

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