Fingerprint Sensor of the Samsung Galaxy s10 with Severe Security Gap

According to a report from the news agency Reuters, the fingerprint sensor of the Samsung Galaxy S10 has a serious security vulnerability that allows anyone to unlock the high-end smartphone. The South Korean company has also confirmed this with a press release and announced that it is currently working on an update.

According to the british newspaper Sun, the vulnerability was discovered by accident when a user accidentally unlocked her smartphone with her left thumb instead of her previously saved right thumb. Subsequently, the husband, whose fingerprints were not stored in the Samsung Galaxy S10 system, was also able to unlock the smartphone during a test.

Display protection foil deceives fingerprint sensor

In contrast to the competition, which mainly relies on optical fingerprint sensors, Samsung has installed an ultrasound sensor under the display of the smartphones in the S10 and S10+. Due to the additional screen protection foil, it was very likely that this sensor could no longer clearly recognize the fingerprint. Nevertheless, it remains unclear why a successful authentication on the smartphone was then possible with any fingers instead of refusing the login.

Samsung itself currently recommends on its support page to make sure that the protective film or the screen in the area of the fingerprint scanner is not scratched or damaged. In addition, it is recommended to use only Samsung protective films and other accessories and not third party products.

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