Garmin: two new smartwatches specifically for golfers

What’s your handicap? If you don’t have an immediate answer to this question, the two new smartwatches from Garmin are probably not for you. With the Approach S12 and S42, the expert for smart sports watches is launching tailor-made wearables for golf. However, the features of the two smartwatches are of course not only suitable for golf. Additional functions could ensure that the S12 and S42 are also a lot of fun off the green.

Perfectly suited for statisticians

Of course, both of Garmin’s new additions have GPS on board. This results in a first major advantage for golfers. In Garmin’s extensive database, namely 42,000 golf courses worldwide are automatically preloaded. Thus, the watch not only recognizes which golf course you are currently on. On top of that, the tracking is so accurate that it even recognizes which hole you are currently playing. This is not only exciting for the subsequent evaluation of a round of golf. Thanks to GPS, you can always check how many meters you are from the next hole. This not only saves a lot of walking, but certainly adds a new charm to the game with ball and club.

Garmin Approach S12 (Image: Garmin)

But golfers can also look forward to further assistance from the two smart watches. Garmin has installed the “GreenView” function here. This is supposed to show the wearer the shape of the green. This should make it much easier to plan shots. While we are on the subject of obligatory shots. Garmin itself also touts its club sensors in connection with the S12 and S42. The Approach CT10 racket sensors were specifically designed to record strokes. This way, you can evaluate statistics afterwards and work on your technique. Rounding out the custom set for golfers is the Garmin Golf app.

He who has the choice, has the agony

Garmin launches two different watches for golfers with the Approach S12 and S42. In doing so, the two golf smartwatches also offer different specs. The more affordable of the two wearables is the Approach S12. It comes with a 1.3-inch display. Despite the small display, you should always be able to see everything. This is not least due to the smartwatch’s advertised “big numbers mode”. The cheaper of the two newcomers is supposed to last up to 30 hours in “Golf Mode”. This should make several rounds at a stretch no problem.

Garmin Approach S42 (Image: Garmin)

For a bit of a premium, the Approach S42 also comes with higher-quality features. In terms of display size, however, it turns out a bit smaller with its 1.2 inches. The battery performance, which Garmin specifies at 15 hours in golf mode, is also weaker than in the cheaper variant. However, apart from these two shortcomings, the S42 trumps with a so-called AutoShot function, for example. This is supposed to be able to automatically measure the stroke distance. Suitable sports apps are also preinstalled ex-works, which can also support other sports. Thus, the Approach S42 is probably also suitable as a general fitness smartwatch. In addition, notifications can be displayed on the smartwatch and phone calls can be made – assuming a smartphone is nearby, of course.

Prices and Availability

With an MSRP of 199.99 euros, the Approach S12 is the significantly cheaper smartwatch among the two newcomers. Due to its reduced features, however, it is probably only suitable as a supplement for real golfers and those who want to become one. A real all-rounder, on the other hand, should be the Approach S42, for which Garmin has an MSRP of 299.99 euros. If you are interested, you can buy it now.

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