GeForce RTX 3000 is said to offer double gaming performance

As it is now known, the upcoming GeForce RTX 3000 series should not only offer very fast computing power. Beyond that the so-called Ampere graphics cards are to have an extremely high power consumption. This is made possible by the new generation of shader processors, among others.

Official announcement

For a long time there have been many rumors about the upcoming high-end graphics cards from Nvidia. Now the time has finally come. The gaming graphics cards, previously called “Ampere”, are called GeForce RTX 3000, and if you believe the manufacturer, the upcoming flagship seems to have a lot going for it. This already starts with the computing speed. This is said to have increased considerably in direct comparison to its predecessor. In addition, Nvidia has probably tweaked the general graphics performance. The performance in the area of raytracing is said to have almost doubled.

RTX 3090 as top model

As is usual for the GeForce family, you can choose between different graphics cards. The flagship is clearly the RTX 3090, which should be able to offer a VRAM of 24 GB. With the power consumption of 350 Watts it is a high performance machine. Thus it is then also 50% faster than the titanium RTX from the house Nvidia. Accordingly however also the price is to fail. The top model is to come for 1.500 US Dollar on the US market. Whom that is too expensive, that can look around for the RTX 3080. This is to come for scarcely 700 US Dollar less on the market. For it one receives however also “only” 10 GB VRAM. While the RTX 3090 is to be available starting from 24 September, there is the more favorable RTX 3080 starting from 17 September in the trade.

RTX 3080 much stronger than its predecessor

The RTX 3080 costs with market start exactly as much as the RTX 2080 cost with its introduction on the market. But with the new model one receives however an immense increase in output. Reason for it is to be among other things the achievement of 320 Watts. This provides in interaction with the other components for the fact that the RTX 3080 probably creates the double pictures per second like the predecessor. Thereby switched on and/or switched off Raytracing plays probably no role. In the course of the yearly Nvidia would like to bring further diagram maps of the RTX 3000er family on the market. Thus in October this yearly the Geforce RTX 3070 comes, which offers 8 GB VRAM and with 220 Watts beyond that a far weaker power consumption. But it is to cost in addition, “only” 500 US Dollar.

A lot of technology under the hood

The high performance of the upcoming top models is no accident. Thus both RTX 3090 and RTX 3080 set on the GA102 chip. This heart of the two diagram maps offers 28 billion transistors and was produced in an optimized manufacturing process by Samsung. One does not know yet everything to the technical details, Nvidia indicated however that Shader units and Cores were strongly revised. For example, according to Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang, the new top models should have twice the number of FP32 cores for raster graphics. In addition, the RT core speed has doubled. As a result, acceleration structures can run through much faster and intersection checks in raytracing can now be carried out rapidly. Last but not least, Nvidia has revised the so-called sensor cores. Thanks to the optimization, the reconstruction filter DLSS 2.0 should be able to be calculated much faster.

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High user-friendliness

Pleasing is not only the achievement of the new RTX 3000 family. Also in things compatibility the new ampere diagram maps can trump. Besides Displayport 1.4a they also support HDMI 2.1, so gaming in 4K with 120 FPS is no problem. Furthermore, the graphics cards can decode the AV1 codec in special hardware. For this the new graphics chips are used. For the top models of the new RTX 3000 series, Nvidia uses a very compact board. This relies on a power connector in mini 12-pin format. For cooling, Nvidia uses two different fans. While the one conveys hot air to the outside, the other draws in the cool air. We are already excited about what the new GeForce RTX 3000s are capable of.

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