Google introduces new Smart Speaker with Nest Audio

Internet giant Google has made a lot of improvements to the successor to the Google Home. The Smart Speaker has not only become bigger, but now wears a cloth dress and listens to another name. Nest Audio.

New family member

When it comes to smart speakers, Google has not really been active in recent years. Except for the Google Home, customers here could only access the Home Mini or the Home Max. However, these were only slight modifications of the classic Smart Speaker. With the Nest Audio, Google now wants to bring a new edition of the Google Home to the market. Visually, a lot has definitely changed. At first glance, the Nest Audio has nothing to do with the Google Home from 2016.

The differences to its predecessor

Of course, the differences to Google Home are primarily of a visual nature. For example, the Nest Audio is no longer round. Although it has rounded corners, it no longer has much in common with a circular Smart Speaker. Google has also made the Nest Audio much flatter than the Google Home. The Nest Audio is 18 cm high, 12 cm wide and 8 cm thick. With a weight of 1 kg it is relatively light. A look at the dimensions makes it clear that it can be placed between Home Mini and Home Max. Google did not choose a different design without ulterior motives. The larger dimensions are rather meant to ensure that the Nest Audio is able to offer a generally better sound and, above all, richer basses.

Bye bye plastic

Google is also taking a different approach in the choice of materials with Nest Audio. Instead of combining fabric and plastic, the cover is now made entirely of fabric. But of course there are also similarities to the Google Home. For example, the Nest Audio uses four LEDs to signal its current status. Since the LEDs are hidden behind the fabric, a cool design is ensured. In addition, the Nest Audio offers a Google Assistant as well as support from Chromecast. It can also be configured as a multi-room loudspeaker.

Price and availability

Anyone interested in the new Smart Speaker can take part from 5 October. For an RRP of 100 Euro, the Nest Audio can then be purchased in the colors light gray and dark gray.

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