Google Released Android 10

As previously announced, Google has now released its latest Android operating system. Initially, it is only available on the pixel smartphones, which are also from Google. On other smartphones, however, it will be available relatively soon – according to Google this year – as well. Google announced numerous changes and announced that the new operating system would be compatible with the new 5G technology and foldable smartphones.

Some of the changes are aimed at improving data protection. From now on, for example, it will be possible to only allow active apps to access location data. In addition, users can now regulate how advertising is handled. Google also promised more frequent data protection and security updates. In line with data protection in the literal sense of the word, the control functions with which parents can monitor their children’s usage behaviour have also been expanded.

Dark Mode” is another innovation. It can be used to darken the entire design, which is intended to suit both the eyes of the person using the device and the battery. The dark mode is not a real innovation – Apple already introduced it with the latest iOS update.

The new Android version should also be able to work with intelligent answers. This means that certain applications – such as the navigation app – can be opened directly from another app if the text there suggests that the app should be opened.

In addition, there are many smaller changes. For example, Google introduces gesture control and new emojis.

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