Google Significantly Expands Advertising on Smartphones

Google has announced in its corporate blog that it will introduce new advertising formats and continue to expand successfully tested advertising formats, which were primarily designed for mobile devices. The focus is on full-screen ads in gallery format that link directly to products within the Google image search or the shopping search.

As already announced two months ago, Google partners can add comments to photos within the Google image search and display further product information with “floating labels”, i.e. small speech bubbles above the images.

In addition to image search, Google also plans to significantly increase the click-through rate in other areas through large and colorful ads. One of the new unused advertising spaces, for example, is the Discover area in the in-house Android operating system. According to Google, the number of ads should be dosed in such a way that they are not perceived as annoying by users despite the prominent display.

In addition, YouTube also permanently receives two new advertising formats that have been successfully tested in recent weeks. Instead of the conventional clips in front of the actual video or the small banners, the new ads with large images within the search results and the suggested videos are intended to encourage the user to click.

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