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Samsung Galaxy A35 review: A great display doesn’t have to be expensive

Year after year, Samsung’s S series competes with the flagships from Apple. But if both a Galaxy S24 and an iPhone are too expensive for you, you need an alternative. Just a few years ago, Samsung’s A-series was considered the savior of the mid-range. The tech company from Korea combined decent performance with a really fair price. However, the competition from Xiaomi and co. has recently made things really difficult for Samsung’s mid-range smartphones. In the Samsung Galaxy A35 test, we examine what the Koreans have to offer this year when it comes to the mid-range throne.

Technical data

Dimensions and weight 161.7 x 78 x 8.2 mm and 209g
Display 6.6″ Super AMOLED display with FHD resolution and 120 Hz refresh rate
Camera Triple camera:
– 50 MP main camera (F1.8, OIS, autofocus)
– 8 MP ultra wide-angle camera (F2.2)
– 5 MP macro camera (F2.4)
Front camera:
– 13 MP front camera (F2.2)
Memory – 6 GB RAM 128 GB
– 8 GB RAM 256 GB
Battery capacity 5.000 mAh
CPU Exynos 1380
Operating system Android 14 One UI 6.1
Price € 278.00 * (6/128), € 320.47 * (8/256)

Samsung Galaxy A35 test: Scope of delivery

samsung galaxy a35 test

Samsung Galaxy A35 review: Design and workmanship

Let’s take a look at the appearance. What immediately catches the eye is the 6.6-inch display. Of course, this also means that the Galaxy A35 is by no means a compact smartphone for small hands. Given its dimensions of 161.7 x 78 x 8.2 mm, only people with large hands will be able to use it with one hand in the long term.

samsung galaxy a35 test

But the Galaxy A35 is not only quite large. It is also really stylish and doesn’t give the impression of a cheap smartphone. Quite the opposite. The device has a high-quality feel to it. It doesn’t crack or creak at any point and there are no annoying gaps or the like.

samsung galaxy a35 test

To prevent scratches as far as possible, Samsung uses Gorilla Glass Victus for the display. The rest of the casing also has reliable protection. More specifically, the Galaxy A35 is protected against the damaging ingress of dust and water in accordance with the IP67 standard. But it’s not just the workmanship that’s right. Samsung has also done a lot right in terms of looks.

samsung galaxy a35 test

The angular design in combination with the narrow screen edges creates a very modern look. The change to the notch is also conducive to this. A punchhole notch is finally being used instead of the outdated teardrop notch.

A very good decision, which is not the only visual improvement over its predecessor. A look at the back makes it clear that Samsung has also made changes to the choice of materials. The rear is now made of glass rather than simple plastic. This not only feels better. The smartphone also feels very good in the hands.

Samsung Galaxy A35 test: Technology

Of course, you shouldn’t expect any major leaps in hardware from a smartphone in this price range. Samsung has given the mid-range device a new processor. The Exynos 1380 is used here. Samsung developed this in-house. In practice, the SoC delivers a solid performance.

samsung galaxy a35 test

The Exynos is hardly ever overwhelmed by everyday applications such as online shopping or browsing. On the other hand, the hardware seems a bit overwhelmed when you use the smartphone to play demanding games. This can sometimes lead to stuttering.

samsung galaxy a35 test

However, this is all within a manageable range and you should never forget the price. Apart from gaming, I only really noticed any stuttering when I was scrolling through the menu at high speed. In addition to the new processor, there is also another new feature.

samsung galaxy a35 test

You can now also use an eSIM in the Galaxy A35. There are no big surprises in terms of software. Of course, Samsung continues to rely on AndroidOS. To be more precise, the A35 comes with Android 14. The manufacturer promises a total of four software updates and five years of security updates.

Samsung Galaxy A35 test: Display

While the processor performance undoubtedly fits the mold of a mid-range smartphone, this is by no means the case with the display. This shines in truly impressive splendor. Samsung has opted for an AMOLED panel with Full HD resolution.

samsung galaxy a35 test

This not only ensures really impressive picture content for still images. Thanks to a refresh rate of 120 hz, it also scores points with fast moving images.

The fingerprint sensor, which is very responsive, is located under the display

Thanks to the high brightness of 1,000 nits, the display is still easy to see even in bright sunshine. Samsung really flexes its muscles here and shows that powerful displays can also be used in an inexpensive smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy A35 test: Camera

The camera unit is located on the back. Samsung uses a triple camera here. This consists of the main camera (50 MP), ultra-wide-angle lens (8 MP) and macro lens (5 MP). All in all, you get really solid images here.

Especially in daylight, the performance should be more than sufficient for the average consumer. Especially in terms of richness of detail, you can take some really good snapshots here. Apart from the main camera, however, you shouldn’t expect too much.

I didn’t get any really sharp shots with the macro lens. But I don’t want to be too negative about that. After all, we are still in the mid-range here. You can record videos here in a maximum of 4K at 30 FPS.

samsung galaxy a35 test
Shooting with the selfie camera (portrait mode)

The camera equipment is rounded off by the front camera. This has a resolution of 13 MP and offers social media fans the opportunity to take some pretty impressive selfies. All in all, the camera can best be described as good. If you want more, you have to pay more.

Samsung Galaxy A35 test: Battery performance

A large casing also has room for a large battery. With 5,000 mAh, this is also the case with the Samsung Galaxy A35. In view of the not overly powerful processor, it scores with a remarkable endurance. In the test, the smartphone lasted just under two days on a full charge.

The rather thin screen edges underline the modern look

And that with normal use. Power users are likely to run out after one to one and a half days. Once the battery is empty, you can recharge it via the USB port. A maximum of 25 watts is possible. This means that a full charge takes around one and a half hours. I would have liked a little more charging power here.


When I held the Samsung Galaxy A35 in my hands for the first time, I was pleasantly surprised. It’s a combination of stylish design and high build quality. I particularly like the much more modern approach to the look. The display also scores with modernity. It’s simply fun to watch both static image content and moving images on the AMOLED. But that’s it for the notable changes compared to its predecessor.

samsung galaxy a35 test

After all, apart from the addition of the eSIM, hardly anything has actually changed in terms of features. Both the CPU performance and the camera performance are more or less on a par with its predecessor. The A35 is certainly the better choice for those who find the A34 too bland. Everyone else can confidently buy the predecessor and save a few euros.

Samsung Galaxy A35 5G

Design und workmanship
Value for money


The Samsung Galaxy A35 5G impresses above all with its revised design and a great AMOLED display. In terms of performance, however, Samsung is treading water.

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