Google’s Virtual Assistant Soon Offers Automated Routines

Lazy people can be happy: Google’s virtual assistant will soon automatically turn off the light when the smartphone leaves the house.

Up to now, routines – i.e. tasks that have to be executed again and again – still have to be created manually. Alternatively, Google’s assistant already offers a timer today. Soon all this will be fully automated: As soon as the smartphone leaves the house, for example, the lighting is switched off.

So far this only works with voice commands: Today, the user must inform the device that he is leaving the house. The instrument will then switch off the lighting if such a routine has been stored. Soon, leaving the house will be detected automatically, and the routine associated with leaving the house will be triggered automatically.

For some people this sounds very practical, for others very scary. The fact is that the wizard will be oriented to the actions of the user. On the positive side, this means that the assistant becomes much more individual and thus more comfortable than it was before. It is particularly negative for people interested in privacy and data protection who do not want Google to be able to create motion profiles of them and influence their own household more or less independently. However, this group of people is highly unlikely to use the service and have not used it up to now – after all, everything was possible until now, it only required the active request of the user every time.

The change, which seems so important, does not change too much in the end: Only the previously necessary request to actually execute a routine is omitted. Google already knows when the user leaves the house and where they are. Only the connection of this knowledge with the execution of routines is new.

It is not yet known whether automatic execution will also work with other routines that are linked to geographically less easily identifiable changes. The automated routines are to be activated in the course of the year. Google did not become more concrete.

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