HPE: Explicit warning of SSD failure

There seem to be problems again with the SSDs from HPE. The manufacturer has now pointed out to users that the drives have a serious fault after almost exactly 40,000 hours of operation. This causes data loss. In the meantime, the manufacturer has released a corresponding update.

A firmware error

A total of four models of SSDs from HPE are affected by the error. Due to the faulty firmware, the hard disks stop working after exactly 40,000 operating hours. The really serious aspect of the error in the HPE storage systems is that the SSDs can no longer be addressed at all. Likewise, no repair or data recovery is possible once the SSDs have been lost. Unfortunately, the same problem also exists with RAID systems that rely on one of the four SSDs.

Opinion of HPE

The manufacturer did not leave his customers in the dark about the error in the firmware. In a support release, HPE clarified which SSDs are affected by the error. In particular, these are the models with the serial numbers EK0800JVYPN, EO1600JVYPP, MK0800JVYPQ and MO1600JVYPR. These hard disks are used in various HPE systems. So you can find them in the ProLiant, Synergy, Apollo 4200, Synergy Storage Modules, D3000 Storage Enclosure and StoreEasy 1000 Storage.

If you do not update the firmware of your system by October, you have to expect a data loss.

Firmware update should remedy the situation

Of course, HPE not only pointed out the error. The manufacturer has also issued a firmware update which is intended to repair the problem. With the HPD7 version, the problem should be reliably fixed. The update was rolled out by HPE on March 20. However, those who do not install the update must expect serious consequences. For example, the first users will suffer data loss in October 2020 if they do not act early.

Dell also has the problem

Besides HPE, other manufacturers are also affected by the problem. In addition, Dell probably has to cope with a very similar bug in the firmware. According to information from “Blocks & Files”, Dell’s SSD is supposed to only go off after 40,000 hours of operation, though. This was reported by the company’s customer support. The error probably exists in several models. In particular, nine different SSDs from SanDisk are affected at Dell. Dell will also provide the appropriate updated firmwares so that the problem doesn’t carry weight.

No unknown problem for HPE

Unlike Dell, HPE already has experience with such a problem. For example, the company already had to deal with a firmware error in some SSDs last November. This caused the data carrier to fail after 32,768 hours. According to HPE, however, there is not supposed to be any connection.

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