HTC Vive Pro Eye: Sale of VR Headset with Eyetracking Launches in Europe

HTC now offers the HTC Vive Pro Eye VR headset introduced at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Europe. First dealers already have the VR-Headset in stock. The introductory price in Germany is 1.649 Euro. There is also a service package for business customers, which is charged separately at 185 euros.

HTC sees companies above all as its target group. The HTC Vive Pro Eye has integrated eye tracking and the purchase price includes a company license and a two-year warranty, which also includes commercial use. The design is similar to the well-known HTC Vive Pro. According to HTC, eyetracking technology will significantly improve the use of avatars in professional applications such as virtual meetings.

In addition, the VR headset will enable dynamic employee training in virtual rooms. Thanks to eye tracking, menus can be operated directly with the eyes without additional controllers. In addition, the sound of the integrated headphones has been significantly improved compared to the Vive Pro.

Foveated Rendering

The so-called Foveated Rendering, which is also based on eye tracking, recognizes exactly which VR area a user is currently looking at. This allows GPU and CPU performance to be focused on the actual area being viewed, increasing image quality and frame rate by prioritizing unneeded areas of the field of view lower, eliminating unnecessary resource consumption.

As this is not a standalone solution, a powerful computer is required to use the HTC Vive Pro Eye.

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