Huawei launches new map app

Huawei has decided to launch a new card app for the Huawei Android smartphones. This could possibly even become a competitor to Google Maps.

The app goes by the name of Petal Maps and is supposed to offer exactly the same advantages for which the relevant applications of competitors are known.

Petal Maps – A start still in 2020?

Before the end of this year, owners of Huawei devices (EMUI 5 and higher) should be able to use the new card application.

However, it could be a clear shortcoming that Huawei is entering a market with its app in which the other “big players” have already established themselves. Almost every smartphone owner knows Google Maps. Now it is time to establish itself here and bring Petal Maps closer to the users.

Another point that could play a role here: Over the years, Google has managed to continually expand the functions of its app and respond to the wishes of its users. This is a clear advantage over a classic “newcomer” in this field.

Petal Maps in detail – what should the new Huawei App stand out for?

According to several media reports, however, the new app from Huawei could well be very convincing from the start. It should be possible to use practical functions such as favorites and embedded maps at the beginning.

In addition, Petal Maps will be available in almost 80 languages. Commuters will benefit from the fact that they will be able to obtain information on the current traffic situation in almost 130 major cities. This gives them the opportunity to react comparatively spontaneously to traffic jams and the like, for example.

Based on modern technology, the maps in question should be highly accurate.

So it remains to be seen how Petal Maps will be accepted and how many Google Maps users are willing to give their competitor Huawei a chance here.

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