Huawei Watch Fit: Lightweight sports watch presented

Huawei surprised the audience at its Developer Conference with a lightweight sports watch that is supposed to score points above all with its long battery life. The new Watch Fit is said to have a proud ten-day battery life. In addition, the lightweight Smart Watch is a real eye-catcher thanks to its different colors.

Already available in some countries

A striking feature of Huawei’s new products is the fact that they are sometimes already available in other countries when introduced. This is also the case with the Watch Fit. Now, however, the Chinese company has announced that the popular watch is also to be launched in our fields. The Wearable is not a high-end Smartwatch. The small bracelet is rather designed to serve as a light fitness tracker. Thanks to the integrated GPS module, it is an excellent companion for your daily jogging.

The features

For the most part, the Watch Fit does not bring any big surprises. Huawei provides the Wearable with a standard heart rate monitor, pedometer, calorie consumption meter and a tool for personal sleep analysis. But Huawei does have an ace up its sleeve. With the pulse oximeter, Watch Fit offers a feature that we have only seen in high-end smart watches up to now. Among other things, it can determine within the scope of sleep analysis whether there have been any worrying breathing problems or similar. In addition to the health features, the Wearable also offers practical combi-functions when it is coupled to your own smartphone. For example, the Watch Fit displays notifications. So the user does not miss any calls, alarms or other notices. Thanks to pre-configured activities, athletes can track their training session optimally. They can choose between running, cycling, rowing and free training.

Permanent battery

The Apple Watch has so far been unable to be ousted from the throne of the Smartwatches by any competitor. But there is one weakness of Apple’s flagship watch that regularly drives users crazy: the short battery life. For this reason, it must be said that the competition is trying to shine in this respect. Huawei, for example, also relies on a long battery life for its Watch Fit. The Wearable has a 180 mAh strong battery. According to the manufacturer, this battery should last about 10 days with an average usage.

Pretty touch screen

Huawei uses AMOLED for the small display of the Wearable. This enables practical always-on features. So you can use the Watch Fit like a normal watch thanks to the switched on dial. However, it is questionable whether the Watch Fit will actually reach its 10-day battery life. With the resolution of 456 x 280 pixels, the display is razor sharp. The display allows you to control the watch by touch control. With 46 mm x 30 mm x 11 mm the Watch Fit is pleasingly compact. This impression is also continued by the weight of only 27 grams. Here the small watch is a little ahead of the competition. The Watch Fit should also offer protection from water. However, an appropriate protection is only possible up to 5 ATM. So it can be worn while showering, but longer swimming sessions should be avoided.

Price and availability

If you believe the information of the manufacturer Huawei, the Watch Fit should also be very well suited as a stand-alone Smart Watch. A paired smartphone is not required. Nevertheless, you should use it for the full range of functions. The Watch Fit is compatible with mobile devices that have at least iOS 9.0 or Android 5.0 installed. Huawei is offering its Watch Fit at a price of just under 130 euros and is launching it on the European market in September. There will be a choice of different colors.

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