Samsung: New Wearables introduced

In addition to a number of new smartphones, Samsung has recently introduced new body-worn devices such as watches, fitness watch bands and headphones. These so-called wearables are the new devices Galaxy Watch Active, Galaxy Fit (e) and Galaxy Buds.

The clock: Galaxy Watch Active

The clock presented here is a lighter version of the Galaxy Watch. This new device is aimed in particular at athletes and other physically active people. The new Smartwatch is also much more compact than the big model. This also shows the orientation towards a rather active target group, who do not like to carry around a heavy, clumsy device on their wrist.

Samsung does without the bezel and uses only two buttons and a touch control. The watch may lose its charm, but it also loses weight and size. This loss should therefore be bearable for people who are active in sports. The display of the watch is only 1.1 inches and covered with gorilla glass 3. So it should be largely unbreakable. The case measures 39.5 × 39.5 millimeters and is 10.5 millimeters deep. The weight of 25 grams can be described as light. In addition, however, there is the bracelet, which weighs 21 grams.

The watch is certified according to IP68. It is waterproof up to a water pressure of 5 atm and should therefore also be worn when swimming. In the sports field, the watch also scores with 40 different trainings that can be started with a finger wipe, as well as with the automatic recognition of the start of training in six special sports – rowing, walking, running, cycling, crosstraining and dynamic training. For these training units the start of the training does not have to be set beforehand. In the first half of the year the course swimming will be added as the seventh automatically recognized sport.

The clock is driven by the Exynos-9110, which has 768 MB RAM. The internal memory comprises four GB, while the battery, which has not yet been specified, has a capacity of 230 mAh.

The watch, available in black, silver, green and rose gold, will be available from March for around 250 euros.

The fitness trackers: Galaxy Fit and Galaxy Fit e

Two new fitness trackers were also introduced. The special thing about them is the long duration of up to one week. According to the manufacturer, they have been designed for 24/7 operation, which will certainly be an advantage for many users of the wristbands – after all, it is rather uncomfortable to have to recharge the device constantly.

Both fitness trackers are equipped with all the usual functions and have no special features worth mentioning. So they’re just ordinary fitness bracelets. The difference between the two devices is in the display. In the e-version, only a black-and-white display is possible, while the other new fitness bracelet masters the color display.

When and at what price the two new fitness trackers will be available is not yet known.

The headphones: Galaxy Buds

The new headphones from Samsung are supposed to be lighter than their predecessors and offer a longer battery life. With a weight of 5.6 grams per listener, the new Buds are actually quite light. The battery life is six hours for music playback and five hours for phone calls.

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In addition to the headphones, a loading case is also included in the scope of delivery. This can be charged via a USB-C port and wirelessly. When charged, it supplies the headphones with power as soon as they are placed in it. One case charge is enough for a little more than one battery charge of the headphones.

The headphones are operated by wiping gestures and by briefly tapping on them. Of course, they’re wireless. They are to be offered in black, white and yellow. The price of the buds available from March onwards will be around 150 euros. Who pre-orders the Smartphone up to the eighth March Galaxy S10, S10+ or S10e, receives the headphones free of charge. The pre-order is possible for example here.

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