IFA 2020: Huawei on a low flame

Actually, Huawei has always had some exciting surprises for the IFA in the past years. But this year things are different. For example, the gigantic company from China was unable to present any new products. Strangely enough, Corona is not to blame.

The good deeds of Huaweis

Huawei had no technical innovations to offer at this year’s IFA. Nevertheless, the company from the Far East had a lot to tell during its presentation. The focus was clearly on the topic of “clean slate”. In the end, Huawei praised itself on its own initiative. It was made clear that 220,000 jobs have been created in Europe thanks to the company. And this is not the end of the story, as Walter Ji (Huaweis’ head of business in Europe) made clear. The company is planning to open eight flagship stores and more than 40 other stores by 2020. Here, Huawei probably wants to follow a similar path to Apple with its Apple Stores.

The company has also donated a lot of technical equipment. Schools and other educational institutions received several hundred tablets. The regions of northern Italy that were severely affected by the Corona crisis even received medical protective equipment from the Chinese company. It was obviously also very important for Huawei to address the issue of data protection. According to the company, this is a top priority for it. Huawei would rather close a store than spy on a customer. Due to the US embargo, Huawei feels compelled to continually expand its own infrastructure. According to its own statements, the company seems to be succeeding in this. The number of apps available in the company’s own store is constantly increasing. Meanwhile 1.6 million developers are working on suitable apps for Huawei’s store.

Nothing tangible presented

As is well known, anticipation is the most beautiful joy. Is it not? Unfortunately, many fans of the Chinese company had a hard time with the presentation. No new processor was announced, let alone a new smartphone. Especially the latter is really disappointing. Since the presentation of the new Mate 40 or P 40 is due in the coming weeks anyway, Huawei could have at least revealed a small teaser. But Huawei should not be blamed for this. After all, the company is currently suffering not only from the consequences of the Corona crisis. The U.S. embargo is also still giving the Chinese company a hard time.

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A little glimmer of hope

For Huawei, this year’s IFA was probably more an occasion to give a sign of life. And the Chinese did so on a grand scale. Although they could not present any new products, they had a large exhibition stand. Unfortunately, all the products on display are already available on the market. Apparently, Huawei is putting a good face on the matter. Although the Chinese market continues to be successful, the company is finding it incredibly difficult to fight the US embargo. After all, the industry kings Apple Store and Google Play Store seem almost impossible for Huawei to catch up with. However, the App Gallery has now left Amazon behind and is now ranked third among the available online stores for apps.

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