KIOXIA builds new production facility for 3D flash memory

In order to expand its production capacity, KIOXIA Europe GmbH intends to build a new and modern production facility in Mie Prefecture, Japan.

More capacities for 3D flash memory

KIOXIA Europe GmbH is the former subsidiary of Toshiba Memory Europe, which in turn is the European subsidiary of the market leader in storage solutions, KIOXIA Corporation. As data volumes continue to increase, particularly as a result of technical innovations, the Group is planning to build a modern production facility (Fab7) at its Yokkaichi plant in Japan. In particular, production of the copyrighted BiCS FLASH 3D flash memory is to be expanded here. Construction of the plant is scheduled to start right next spring. The growth of the market with cloud services, 5G, IoT, AI and semi-autonomous driving also plays a part in the expansion. Construction will then be better able to absorb the increase in demand for storage solutions. The new facility will be built on the northern side of the existing Yokkaichi plant. The development of the site is already in full swing.

Construction will then take place in two phases to ensure efficient production of the storage products. The first construction phase is expected to be completed in spring 2022. KIOXIA intends to finance the funds for the construction from the company’s operating cash flow. The new facility will be designed to be environmentally friendly and earthquake-resistant. The latest energy-saving equipment will also be used here. With the help of KI and the introduction of a modern manufacturing system, the new plant will have the largest production capacity for flash memory in the world. The use of AI in particular is expected to further increase the capacity of the Yokkaichi plant. KIOXIA’s focus is always on the development of advanced memory solutions. The company strives to further strengthen its position in the market. KIOXIA intends to achieve this through research and development based on market trends and appropriate investments.

Western Digital is a partner in building!

Over the past 20 years, Western Digital has worked with KIOXIA on a number of installations. This is expected to be the case again with the new production line. KIOXIA and Western Digital plan to continue their joint venture investment in the construction of Fab7.

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