LG Announces Three New Gaming Monitors

LG presents three new monitors at the IFA, which offer GSync support and, according to the manufacturer, are explicitly aimed at professional gamers.

The three monitors presented are 27GN750, 27GL850, and 38GL950G. All three models are equipped with special gaming features such as Black Stabilizer, which stabilizes the image in dark environments, or Dynamic Action Sync, which reduces latency. However, the other features of the gaming monitors differ.

For example, the 27GN750 is equipped with a 27-inch IPS display that resolves in full HD and offers a maximum brightness of 400 candelas per square meter. The sRGb color space is covered to 99 percent, whereby a color depth of 16.7 million colors is achieved. The refresh rate is 240 Hz, while the response time is one millisecond. The device is HDR10 capable and compatible with Nvidia GSync technology. It also has two HDMI ports and a USB 3.0 hub.

The model 27GL850 also measures 27 inches in diagonal. However, it is equipped with a nano-IPS display, resolves in QHD and covers 98 percent of the DCI-P3 color space at a color depth of 1.07 billion colors. The maximum brightness achieved is 350 candela per square meter. The refresh rate is 144 Hz, while the response time is one millisecond. This screen does not differ from the 27GN750 with regard to the connections. It is also HDR10-certified and compatible with GSync like this one.

The most powerful model, which bears the designation “38GL8590G”, measures 37.5 inches in diagonal and resolves to WQHD+. It achieves a brightness of 450 candelas per square meter, has a refresh rate of 175 Hz and Vesa certification for the HDR400 standard. It only has an HDMI connection and otherwise does not differ much from the 27GL850.

All three displays are equipped with a DisplayPort, but lack a headphone output. They will be available in some North American and European countries from the fourth quarter of this year. Prices start at 429 Euro.

27GN750 27GL850 38GL950G
Display: IPS Nano IPS Nano IPS
Screen diagonal: 27 inch 27 inch 37.5 inch
Resolution: FHD (1,920 x 1,080) QHD (2,560 x 1,440) WQHD+ (3,840 x 1,600)
brightness: 400 cd/m² (typ.) 350 cd/m² (typ.) 450 cd/m² (typ.)
Colour space: sRGB 99% DCI-P3 98%
(sRGB 135%)
DCI-P3 98%
(sRGB 135%)
Colour depth: 16.7 million 1.07 billion 1.07 billion
Repetition rate: 240 Hz 144 Hz 175Hz (OC)
Reaction time: 1 ms GTG 1 ms GTG 1 ms GTG
HDR: HDR10 HDR10 VESA DisplayHDR 400
Adaptive Sync: NVIDIA G-SYNC compatible NVIDIA G-SYNC compatible NVIDIA G-SYNC
HDMI: 2 2 1
DP: 1 1 1
USB 3.0: 2 2 2
Price 429 Euro 579 Euro 1.999 Euro

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