Lioncast LX55 USB RGB Gaming Headset Review

With the LX55 USB RGB Gaming Headset, Lioncast presents its latest headphone-microphone combination. As the successor to the LX50 in the USB version, it offers not only RGB lighting, but also 7.1 surround sound. In the version only with jack plug both extras are missing. Whether the USB headset tested here can also convince, you can find out here in the test.

Design and Workmanship

At first sight the LX55* looks simple and shows, except for the Lioncast logos, no bells and whistles. The entire headset is black, only the inside of the auricle is red and bears the inscription Lioncast. From the padded headband to the large oval earcups, which nestle elegantly into the holding straps, everything creates a harmonious picture. The whole thing is rounded off by RGB LED illumination of the logos and a ring around the auricle.

The aluminium headband of the headphones makes the whole construction very stable without losing the necessary flexibility. In addition, the band has a foam padding at the top, which is stylishly bordered by a seam. So the gaming headset adapts effortlessly to any head. It is a pity that the ear cups cannot be folded or turned for transport. All in all, the design of the Lioncast LX55 headset is more than successful. With its clear and simple lines it looks really good.

As the design suggests, the workmanship is excellent. The headset feels high quality. Despite its flexibility, it is still stable and robust to withstand the influences of a heated gaming session. Only the inline remote control looks a bit cheap and does not quite fit into the overall concept.

Technical Details

Driver 53mm high performance Neodymium driver
Frequency 20Hz-20kHz
Weight 325g (without cable)
Material Metal headband and Memory Foam pad
Modularization Cable and microphone detachable
Compatibility PC, PS4 (Pro), Xbox One (S and X), Mac, Smartphone and Tablet
Price € 85.23 *

Wearing comfort

While you have the Lioncast LX55 on, you immediately notice the high wearing comfort. With a weight of around 325 grams, it is not one of the lightweights, but it is not too heavy either. In the test it snuggled gently around the head without building up too much pressure. Thus one can carry it also over longer time without problems.

Thanks to the light foam padding, even spectacle wearers can use the headset for longer game sessions without unpleasant pain. In the test, even after several hours of use, there was no excessive heat development under the earcups, so the ears did not really sweat. The wearing comfort is therefore more than solid and therefore offers a high wearing comfort, even if the somewhat oversized inline remote control is sometimes annoying.


Linocast wants to convince with the USB version of the LX55 with 7.1 surround sound. Of course you shouldn’t expect miracles. But actually in the test you could better judge the position of noises and thus also opponents in games like Battlefield V or Overwatch. This significantly enhanced the gaming experience. The sound benefits in particular from the 53 millimetre drivers, which clearly reproduce a wide frequency spectrum. Whether highs or lows, individual sounds are not blurred and are clearly distinguishable from each other.

The headset is connected to a PC via USB on the inline remote control. It can also be connected to a console, smartphone or tablet via a jack plug, provided, of course, that a corresponding socket is available. Here you can also adjust the volume of the earphones and mute the microphone. You can also switch off the RGB lighting at the touch of a button. This, as well as the 7.1 surround sound function, can unfortunately no longer be used if the headset is only connected via the jack plug.


Since the microphone is unidirectionally aligned, hardly any noise is picked up. That way you are always easy to understand in the decisive moments of a match. The microphone arm is flexible and long enough to easily move the microphone to any position. In the test, the speech was always understood and transmitted without much noise. The recording level of the microphone was unfortunately very low. So you had to set it to maximum by software to activate the boost function in order to record at normal volume.

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In order to make individual settings, you need free software that can be downloaded from the manufacturer’s website.

With the easy to install software it is possible to influence the sound of the headset according to your own taste. If you don’t need 7.1 surround sound, you can switch it off here or fine tune it. The RGB lighting can also be adjusted here, for which some modes are available.

Unfortunately the software is not quite intuitive. For example, it is not entirely clear when the surround sound function is switched on or off. Especially for people with color vision impairment simply indicators.

Conclusion of the Lioncast LX55 USB RGB Gaming Headset Review

The LX55 USB from Lioncast* is a harmonious gaming headset with RGB lighting. It is not only convincing in its design, but also in its technology. Only the microphone is a small weak point. For a comparatively cheap price of around 80 euros, the headset is still recommended to every gamer and offers a lot for his money.

Lioncast LX55 USB

Value for Money

Solid gaming headset with a lot of features.

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