Microsoft 365 now offers audio transcription function Transcribe

The paying users of Microsoft 365 now have the possibility to have their texts written in Office with the new audio transcription function. The Transcribe function uses the Azure Cognitive Services AI platform, allowing users to use their voice to write their content in a time-saving manner, as the company writes in its Blog.

Audio transcription function Transcribe explained

The Transcribe audio transcription feature is aimed primarily at reporters, researchers, online entrepreneurs and all users who collect information in writing. The new feature helps them focus on the people they are talking to without having to worry about writing notes.

Conversations can now be recorded directly in Word and automatically transcribed. Transcribe has an automatic speaker recognition feature that allows the user to easily follow the recording of the transcript after the conversation is over. At the end of the conversation, the user can recall parts of the recording by selecting the appropriate timestamp. The transcript can also be edited in case something is wrong.

Source: Microsoft

Easily create and enhance content

Together with the recording, the transcript is displayed next to the Word document. In this way, all desired contents can be created based on the conversation transcript.

If the user as a reporter wants to spice up a story, for example with a quote from an interview, this is very easily possible. All he has to do is click on the plus symbol in any line of the transcript and the quote is automatically inserted. The transcript can be sent to a colleague by clicking on “Add all to download”.

Per Transcribe, audio and video files that were not recorded with Word can be used. The transcription function supports the file formats MP3, MP4 and WAV. For all Microsoft 365 subscribers, the new function is now available with the Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome browsers.

Users can use and transcribe an unlimited number of recordings with Transcribe. Transcribe will be released in Office Mobile at the end of 2020. Currently, only English is supported, other languages will follow.

Content creation has also been made easier in the Dictate program by adding voice commands.

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